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And here we are. Somehow. 12 months. I remember sitting down to write the very first one thinking "12 months is forever away. Praise the Lord". And it was, and it wasn't. Because it feels like in some ways, that day was forever ago, but in others, it feels like yesterday. A whole year of Willow Ruth. I am a much different person. She's changed me in ways I didn't realize I needed to be changed. The way the Lord has used her to draw me closer to Him has blown my mind. The way he has used to her change the way I parent and a discipline and point my kids to Jesus is overwhelming. So many other countless ways I won't mention here. BUT I'M SO THANKFUL HE HAS.

Little Willow girl, you are a treasure. This past month you have grown more than my liking:) You are almost walking (taken one step). You love love love big brother. You say "mama, dada, uh oh, bubba, baby, yeah, hey, hi, bye bye". You can find our nose and love patty cake. You love to wave and play peek a boo. One of my favorite things is how you say mama. You draw it out and only stop saying until I pick you up or talk to you. You are serious about your food. Like girl don't play. You eat anything and everything. You are still napping twice a day and wear size 4 diapers. Your in 12mo clothes and some 18mo pants. You love stuffed animals and baby dolls and books. You have 8 teeth right now, but are cutting more. I'm guessing you weigh 20-22 pounds.

Goodness I love you so. Daddy and I praise Jesus for you daily and are just so thankful to be given such a wonderful, beautiful gift in raising you. We love you Willow girl! 

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