Willow's Donut Flower Birthday Party

Oh good gravy. How has this day come and gone and I have an official one year old again. And a darn stinkin cute one at that.

Her actual birthday fell on a Wednesday. We were pretty low key that day. We did go to CFA for a celebratory lunch. Then that night I made a big home made meal (that she of course ate every bite of). That night her daddy and big brother brought her home some flowers and a baby doll. We hope to make this a yearly tradition. She was so proud of her little dolly, and I dried one of the roses to keep for a bouquet.
  photo IMG_0141.jpg photo IMG_0395.jpg

 We celebrated her birthday party the following Saturday. I learned my lesson from C's first birthday and kept things easy. I made huge paper flowers out of tissue paper and poster board, hand painted some watercolor donuts for garland, bought a bunch of fresh flowers from Kroger, and Josh went out a bought donuts early that morning. Threw it all together and VIOLA! Super easy but so beautiful!

I made her birthday cake the night before. I totally used a box mix and then threw some fresh flowers on it. I honestly had no idea what I was doing, but I loved how it turned out. You can't mess up pretty flowers.

I found a print called "The Guide To Flower Donuts". That was the inspiration behind the whole party. I couldn't afford the print so I made one myself. Loved how it turned out and now a cute little print for her room or baby box. 

 photo willowbirthdayparty-020.jpg
 photo willowbirthdayparty-022.jpg
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 photo willowbirthdayparty-018.jpg

 Opening presents. We are so thankful to all the friends and family that came and spoiled her rotten!
 photo willowbirthdayparty-027.jpg
 photo willowbirthdayparty-025.jpg

 photo IMG_0338.jpg photo IMG_0200.jpg
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 photo IMG_0345.jpg
 photo willowbirthdayparty-032.jpg

 photo willowbirthdayparty-036.jpg
 LOVE THIS photo willowbirthdayparty-038.jpg
 photo willowbirthdayparty-035.jpg

 Girlfriend tore up her cake. Like, she was devoted.  photo willowbirthdayparty-037.jpg
 photo willowbirthdayparty-040.jpg

After everyone left, family stayed to help us load in some new mid century bedroom furniture I found cheap on Craigslist and my mom took the kiddos for a walk.  photo IMG_0320.jpg

She had the best little party and was just so smitten with everything. I'm so thankful for her a million times over. I still can't believe she's one.... now, if I could only get my act together and get her one year photos done. I might be delaying because I just don't want to accept that she's one.


Susan Delk said...

My word she's so precious!! Love all of these things. So soooo stinking cute. Still hate so bad we couldn't be there! 💗Love sweet Willow so.

Caroline Gillentine said...

You stinkin rocked this party. So impressed. Y'all are all just doll babies!