Kubler Vacation : Day Three: Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg

Since Pigeon Forge is so close to Gatlinburg, we decided to head over for the day. The drive was seriously beautiful. First stop was the Ripley's Aquarium. We had an amazing time and basically went through the entire thing twice. C's favorite part was the people mover "ride" through the shark tunnel. Willow's favorite part was just staring at all the people.

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After the Aquarium, we grabbed lunch at a mexican joint right across the street. Then we walked up and down the main strip in Gatlinburg. The kiddos fell asleep halfway through the walk, so it felt as if the husband and I got a date all to ourselves.

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We headed back to the hotel for naps and rest. That night we went to a shopping/dining area in Pigeon Forge called "The Island". It's a neat little "island" full of family activities, ferris wheel, food, and water show.
 photo IMG_9672.jpg
Waiting for the Tram:

 photo IMG_9681.jpg
 photo IMG_9683.jpg photo IMG_9690.jpg photo IMG_9695.jpg

Of course we had to ride the ferris wheel! The Kiddos and I goofed around while we waited for dad to buy the tickets.  photo 2015fallvacation-030.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-028.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-029.jpg
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The view from the top!
 photo 2015fallvacation-054.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-055.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-056.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-057.jpg

We stayed out way past bedtime, but managed to squeeze in some much needed cuddles (read wrestling) before bedtime. I highly recommend going to "The Island" when in Pigeon Forge. Great food and fun atmosphere!  photo IMG_9712.jpg

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