Kubler Vacation 2015: Day5: Cade's Cove & Chattannooga

This was absolutely the longest day I've ever lived haha. We packed so much into this day of vacation. We started the morning out taking a drive through Cade's Cove. It was absolutely beautiful!

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 We stopped to take a walk to a 200 year old cabin.
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 Spider came everywhere we went that entire trip.
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 Oh this girl.
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 This beautiful church is where josh's sister got married many moons ago.
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 Like the good parents we are, we left the kiddos in the car (for like 2 seconds) to snap this picture of us.
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After Cades Cove, we make the trek to Chattanooga. (I love that pic of C sleeping with his spider man mask on). We checked into the world's sketchiest motel (our door wouldn't even shut all the way) and then quickly left (so we didn't have to spend much time in it) to go to the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel. We went there last year and knew we had to take C back. Of course, he was in heaven. 
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 Willow wasn't impressed.  photo IMG_9925.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-108.jpg

 Random Donut mural on our way to Coolidge Park! photo IMG_9914.jpg
 We brought the kiddos to Coolidge Park to kill some time before dinner. We didn't know there was a splash pad area. And normally, C is very against such things. But, he decided to conquer his fears and we asked to play in it. I just didn't have the heart to tell him no. He ended up playing in it for a solid hour, so I had to drive back to the hotel to get fresh clothes. Totally worth it. So proud of him! photo 2015fallvacation-112.jpg
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After playing at the splash fountains we walked down to the river to watch a boat pass. It was the highlight of the night for C.
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 We ended our night eating at Good Dog in downtown Chatty. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. My horrible iphone photos don't do it justice. This place was crazy crazy crazy good.
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