Kubler Vacation 2015 : Day 4 : Dollywood

We were so excited to take C to Dollywood, and it did not disappoint. We immediately went to the kids area before the crowd got too big. We were able to ride everything 2-3 times in a row. And C had the time of his life. I was shocked at how much he loved the rides and wanted to ride even the "scary" ones.
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He loved this "baby train" and we rode it a good 5 times, I think.
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I asked C if he wanted to ride this next ride totally thinking he would say no. He gave it one look and said "okay". He watched it go up and down and just stood there like it was no big deal. Apparently he's 17 now. We put him in the seat and I totally thought the operator would make him get off because he looked SO TINY sitting there, but nope. He buckled him in and then started the rides. Obviously, by the look on his face you can tell how he felt about it.

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Someone loved the flying elephants:
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waiting to ride the baby train one last time before we left.
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The mom behind us totally photobombed our photo and her son was so embarrassed. HILARIOUS!

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After a full day of Dollywood, we stopped by The Christmas Place on our way back to our hotel. This place is seriously my heaven. Rooms and Rooms and Rooms of christmas decor of all kinds. We ended up buying two ornaments for the kids. I could have spent days in this place. 

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Once we got back to the hotel, we all went for a little swim. Then we ordered Mellow Mushroom and settled in for the night. Willow's favorite part of the day was playing with the toilet paper right before bed. My favorite was watching C sleep cuddled up to the ipad. Josh and I stayed up watching Fear The Walking Dead and eating snacks. Gosh, I loved loved loved this day.
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Susan Delk said...

Love me some Dollywood!! Ha and Christmas Place. So glad you guys had so much fun!!