Kubler Vacation 2015: Day6: Chattanooga

We woke up our last morning in shock that we survived the night in the motel. We actually were going to stay one more night, but thought it would probably be in the best interest of our health and safety to head home one night early. We only had two more things left to do in Chattanooga anyways.
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First up was a TRAIN RIDE!!! We did this last year, and C loved it. We knew he would even more this year, and we were right. We arrived a little early for him to explore. If you are ever in Chatty, you must visit the TN Valley Railroad Museum.  photo 2015fallvacation-138.jpg

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 C was so serious the entire time we were on the train. He just kept staring at the brochure (which he called his ticket) and staring out the window. He was in shock ha!
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 Meanwhile, Miss Willow loved crawling and climbing all over everything.  photo 2015fallvacation-148.jpg
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 Watching the train turn around!
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We got back on the train while everyone else was touring the train yard. C wasn't a fan of all the loud noises.  photo 2015fallvacation-154.jpg
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MY GOSH I LOVE THIS ONE:  photo 2015fallvacation-158.jpg

 going through the tunnel! photo IMG_0009.jpg
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 After the Railroad Museum, we headed to Rock City. When we were checking out of our motel Josh noticed Rock City tickets at the register. He asked the clerk if they were for sell and she said no, that he could just have them! So turns out hotel hell was maybe worth it! Haha.

We spent an hour or two just exploring rock city and eating lunch. It was stunning. C loved all the tunnels, caves, and bridges.

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 My Camera did this weird thing to one of the photos but I kinda love it.  photo IMG_0046.jpg
 C in the caves:  photo 2015fallvacation-178.jpg
 photo 2015fallvacation-179.jpg
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We headed home after Rock City. The babies passed out almost immediately and slept most of the way. We were all so glad we headed home a night early. It was so nice to have that Saturday to recoup. Josh and I said so many times how thankful we were for this trip and how well our kids did. They are amazing travelers and we don't take it for granted. Thank you Lord for that sweet time away!

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Happy Medley said...

Looks like so much fun! I miss going on a trip as a family - great job you guys for not slowing down even with kids

Anna // Happy Medley