November Iphone Recap

This was such a good relaxing month. Thanksgiving was spend with family and so relaxed. We did lots of lounging and gearing up for the busyness of Christmas.

chilling with my little love
 photo IMG_0863.jpg

we can't all have cupcake pjs photo IMG_0870.jpg
Just incase you need a good smile... this girl. I can't.
 photo IMG_0952.jpg
Our adoption shirts came in this month and we sold them! By God's grace we raised over 2,000!!!!
 photo IMG_0992.jpg
She constantly makes the biggest messes and I love it about her. She's so curious and inquisitive. She's studying these year's past Christmas Cards.
 photo IMG_1014.jpg
We bought C a little tree for his room. To say he was OBSESSED with it would be an understatement.
 photo IMG_1024.jpg
 photo IMG_1028.jpg

 photo IMG_1043.jpg

 photo IMG_1070.jpg
oh these two!
 photo IMG_1100.jpg

Some days you just need Micky D's.
 photo IMG_1113.jpg
 photo IMG_1114.jpg
Celebrating that sweet one in the middle. What would I do without my AB?
 photo IMG_1130.jpg

being silly at home. Pj's for dayssssss
 photo IMG_1148.jpg
 photo IMG_1215.jpg
DATE NIGHT to see our grizz!
 photo IMG_1281.jpg
he's my favorite.
 photo IMG_1298.jpg
Can't handle these of him snoozing on our bed.
 photo IMG_1307.jpg
 photo IMG_1321.jpg
 photo IMG_1339.jpg
thanksgiving with josh's work family. So thankful for his second job!
 photo IMG_1411.jpg
Date night with my sister friend. Her name is Allyse. ahahahahahaha

 photo IMG_1414.jpg

Thanksgiving was spend with family. eating and eating and eating.
 photo IMG_1472.jpg
She. steals. my. heart.
 photo IMG_1510.jpg
 photo IMG_1532.jpg

We ended November with a Christmas concert and preparing our hearts for the coming Advent season. It was such a sweet night.
 photo IMG_1594.jpg

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