Our Fall Family Photoshoot 2015

Before our photoshoot with the talented Nicole of 314 Productions, I managed to snap just a few of willow for her one year pics. How is she a year?? How is she so big, and so cute, and just the best little girl on the planet????

 photo kubler-010.jpg
 photo kubler-009.jpg
 photo kubler-015.jpg photo kubler-005.jpg photo kubler-013_1.jpg

goodness. those two.

okay, now on to the session. I tried my hardest to narrow down, but there were just SOOO many great ones. Nicole blew it out of the park. Seriously, I'm blown away. This girl is not only our photographer for life, she's also the sweetest friend. I can count on one hand the number of friends I have that I plan on keeping by my side until the Lord takes me home, and she's one of them for sure. We've walked the hard and joyful roads together, we've pointed one another to the Lord, we've prayed, we've dance, we've cried, we've squealed, we've cheered each other on. One word to describe her: Selfless.

Thank you sweet friend for taking these, for always be available in all things, and for loving my little family so well. You are a gem, and these photos are such a treasure!

 photo kublerfam-060.jpg
 photo kublerfam-022_headswap.jpg
 photo kublerfam-057.jpg
 photo kublerbw-30264.jpg
 photo kublerbw-30223.jpg
 photo kublerfam-066.jpg
 photo kublerbw-30158.jpg
 photo kublerfam-026.jpg
 photo kublerfam-058.jpg
 photo kublerbw-30549.jpg
 photo kublerbw-30520.jpg

 photo kublerfam-072.jpg
 photo kublerfam-064.jpg

 photo kublerfam-040.jpg
 photo kublerfam-033.jpg

 photo kublerfam-039.jpg
 photo kublerfam-061.jpg
 photo kublerbw-30394.jpg
 photo kublerfam-059.jpg

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