The Tree Hunt of 2015


I love love love love our annual tree hunt. I don't know why I document it every year, but I'm so glad I do. It's just so fun to see the kids grow from each post and think about what our family will look like the next year.

We loaded up after breakfast this morning and drove down to the Hernando location of Josh's dad's nursery. That was confusing. He has several locations, we went to the one closest to us- about 15 mins away. It almost started raining so we tried to pick out a tree quickly, but with two kids, that doesn't really happen.

We got the fullest tree I think we've ever gotten. This joker is FAT. But I love it. I'm adding links at the bottom to previous years. Be still my heart, I can't take how much they've grown.

 photo 2015treehunt-001.jpg photo 2015treehunt-002.jpg
They were elated to ride in the wagon.
 photo 2015treehunt-003.jpg photo 2015treehunt-004.jpg photo 2015treehunt-005.jpg photo 2015treehunt-006.jpg photo 2015treehunt-007.jpg photo 2015treehunt-008.jpg
Seriously, these two. All the heart eyes.
 photo 2015treehunt-010.jpg
 photo 2015treehunt-011.jpg
I'M DEAD. I love their little bond. I can't wait to see more siblings added in on this hug!

 photo 2015treehunt-012dbw.jpg
probably a little annoyed that I made him pull up every tree so I could THE perfect one:) Thankful he puts up with me!
 photo 2015treehunt-013.jpg
 photo 2015treehunt-014.jpg photo 2015treehunt-015.jpg
He's a total ham.
 photo 2015treehunt-016.jpg photo 2015treehunt-018.jpg photo 2015treehunt-019.jpg
seriously, it's so fat ha!
 photo 2015treehunt-021.jpg
my sweet, sweet girl.
 photo 2015treehunt-023.jpg photo 2015treehunt-025.jpg
Not sure why it looks like there is such a huge gap in the tree. There really isn't.
 photo 2015treehunt-026.jpg
We barely go that sucker up there. C wasn't too happy we made him sit in the carseat while we did it.
 photo 2015treehunt-027.jpg

We got it home safely and it's waiting to be decorated tonight while we eat chex mix and watch Elf. LOVE THIS SEASON SO MUCH

and as promised.. years passed...

last year I CAN NOT even handle W's tininess
two years ago
three years ago i honestly don't even remember C being a newborn! So thankful for this!

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