All Aboard the Polar Express

For C and W's birthday's, my father in law bought us all tickets for the Polar Express. We were so excited, but kept it a secret from them until we arrived at the train station. C was ELATED and a little scared (because he hates the loud noises). We arrived a little early, got our tickets, checked out the little gift shop (which we didn't buy anything because hellloooo overly priced trains) and waited in line for our train. My sweet FIL bought us the nicest seats the train offered. It was so incredibly nice and made wish we were taking a legit trip on it ha.

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 ALL ABOARDDDDDDD!!!!!! With our seats came a golden ticket for each of the kiddos, four heavy mugs, cookies, and hot chocolate. The sound track to Polar Express was playing and it honestly felt like we were in the movie.  photo IMG_1886.jpg
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Our train and C checking out his ticket.
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 The conductor came buy and punched their initials into their ticket.  photo polarexpress-016.jpg
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 photo polarexpress-021.jpg
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We traveled about 40 mins south to where they had the "NORTH POLE". Santa and his helpers waved us down and then jumped aboard.
 photo polarexpress-025.jpg
C tolerated Santa...
 photo polarexpress-026.jpg
W did not.
 photo polarexpress-027.jpg
Santa gave them each a bell like the one from the movie. C was so so soooo excited.
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 photo polarexpress-029.jpg

We spent the train ride eating our cookies, C stealing our hot chocolate, reading the polar express story, singing the songs, dancing in the aisles, and exploring the train bathroom (C's idea). We had such a blast and C stillll talks about it to this day. We just had the best time.
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