Christmas Cousins and PJS

We started a tradition last year of cousins in matching Christmas pjs. Looking back at last year's post gives me all the feels. C looked like such a baby, and here.... here he looks so big! And I can't even talk about WILLOW cue alllll the tears. This may be my new favorite tradition.

And their personalities are captured soooo perfectly here. I love it!

 photo weaverchristmascousins-007.jpg
  photo weaverchristmascousins-004.jpg
 photo weaverchristmascousins-011.jpg
 photo weaverchristmascousins-010.jpg
 photo weaverchristmascousins-002.jpg
 photo weaverchristmascousins-005.jpg photo weaverchristmascousins-008.jpg
 photo weaverchristmascousins-012.jpg
 photo weaverchristmascousins-003.jpg
 photo weaverchristmascousins-006.jpg
 photo weaverchristmascousins-009.jpg
 photo weaverchristmascousins-013.jpg

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