January RECAP

Oh January. What a long hard month. We were sick for the first 3 weeks and missed church every Sunday (I had strep for the first time ever. boooo.) We stayed home almost every day so not to spread the germs. It was a long long 3 weeks. Thankfully, we recovered right before our trip to Chattanooga.

We started off Jan 1st with a good ole time out sesh on the church pew. hahaha.

 photo IMG_2592.jpg
These sweet boys are such fun little friends. So thankful for all the friends we have through Redeemer
 photo IMG_2606.jpg

Starting this month, they have really started playing together and being silly. They sat here on their own for a good 10 minutes reading together and passing the phone. I love watching their little friendship grow!
 photo IMG_2626.jpg

Running errands like a boossssss
 photo IMG_3039.jpg
 photo IMG_2631.jpg

I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I say this is what we do day in and day out. These two love love love to read and be read too.
 photo IMG_2644.jpg

She's 100% a mommas girl and usually needs to be touching me at all times.
 photo IMG_2663.jpg
oh you know, just being a big kid.
 photo IMG_2670.jpg
we love having a children's museum membership!!
 photo IMG_2708.jpg

Saturday morning snuggles.
 photo IMG_2735.jpg

I was rocking Willow right before bed and big brother wanted to get in on the action. They sat here with me for almost 30 minutes while I sang hymns. Praising the Lord for his faithfulness and grace in these two.
 photo IMG_2748.jpg

Bc sometimes momma wants to jump on the bed...
 photo IMG_2752.jpg

He loves hard. and I love it.
 photo IMG_2774.jpg

Sleepy little girl.
 photo IMG_2805.jpg

Bc sister's room is apparently hilarious
 photo IMG_2895.jpg

She's a climber.
 photo IMG_2902.jpg

goodness girl...
 photo IMG_2904.jpg

she was such a mess this month. constantly climbing new things and getting into everything.
 photo IMG_2914.jpg
 photo IMG_2966.jpg

my sweet boy. He's SO BIG AND I'M NOT OKAY WITH IT!
 photo IMG_2970.jpg
girl. girl. girl.
 photo IMG_2973.jpg

I don't get much of these sleepy snuggles nowadays so when they come I soak them UP!
 photo IMG_2981.jpg

 photo IMG_2999.jpg

wrestling always.
 photo IMG_3027.jpg

mornings are rough. Mickey mouse and chill.
 photo IMG_3071.jpg

there as never been a photo that is so willow. getting into things. check. reading books. check.
 photo IMG_3129.jpg photo IMG_3142.jpg
told ya... we read. a lot.
 photo IMG_3186.jpg

first time the hair was up and I melted into mushhhhh
 photo IMG_3283.jpg
 photo IMG_3300.jpg
 photo IMG_3295.jpg

just straight chillen.
 photo IMG_3309.jpg

she's such a sneaky toot. not at all obvious something is behind her back... hahahaha.
 photo IMG_3319.jpg

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