Chattnooga Weekend

The very last weekend in January, the kids and I had the chance to tag along with daddy-o for a work trip to Chattanooga. We've been to Chatty twice before and just really really love the city. If you've never gone, GO! Especially with kids. So much fun stuff to do with them.

We left early Thursday morning and arrived just in time to unpack and grab some lunch at a diner before Josh had to go to work.

We honestly felt like we packed so light... but this makes it look otherwise hahaha. We love love love love traveling with our kids. Sure there are stressful moments or breakdowns, but they aren't worth staying home over. They may not remember these trips, but we will. And we love making these memories with them.
  photo IMG_3346.jpg

Dad headed to his conference, and we headed to the pool!!!

 photo IMG_3458.jpg
 photo IMG_3355.jpg

 Can't handle his cuteness photo IMG_3417.jpg

 photo IMG_3475.jpg
 photo IMG_3380.jpg
 photo IMG_3431.jpg

She liked the pool for abouttttt 0.1 seconds. She ended up contently sitting her watching people walk by or me and C play. She cracks me up. And her little pony tail... my goodness.  photo IMG_3791.jpg
 photo IMG_3406.jpg
 photo IMG_3451.jpg
 photo IMG_3425.jpg
 photo IMG_3792.jpg
 photo IMG_3444.jpg
 photo IMG_3484.jpg

That night me and the kids walk around downtown and grabbed some Mediterranean food. I was a little intimated to do this by myself, but wearing W made it so much easier. I also kept my phone and some spray mace in my hands. It was night time by the time we got back to the hotel, but I took this grainy pic to document that we had survived hahaha. When we walked back into the hotel C exclaimed "YAY MOMMA! WE DID IT". I busted out laughing.

 photo IMG_3473.jpg
 Picnic dinner in the hotel! photo IMG_3471.jpg

 The next morning while Josh was at the conference, we walked down to the Children's Museum to meet a friend. I totally meant to take a pic with her but completely forgot. We met through blogging and have since become close pen pals. Her and her daughter are precious and such a God send. We played with them all morning. And yeah, their museum is so so so much better than our one here.  photo IMG_3483.jpg
 photo IMG_3494.jpg photo IMG_3511.jpg
 photo IMG_3524.jpg photo IMG_3521.jpg
 photo IMG_3525.jpg

 We walked back to the hotel to meet dad before heading to our FAVORITE PLACE to eat in Chatty... Good Dog!!! Oh man, I have dreams about their breakfast sausage dog. It's heavenly. If you are ever in Chatty, GOOOO!!! photo IMG_3531.jpg photo IMG_3554.jpg photo IMG_3548.jpg
 photo IMG_3596.jpg

Josh headed back to work and we took much needed naps!
 photo IMG_3658.jpg photo IMG_3660.jpg

That night we walked to dinner with his boss and coworker and stopped for specialty sodas (I got strawberry cream soda, sickly sweet) and candy afterwards. I loved wearing W so much this weekend. It reminded me of when I wore her when she was a tiny newborn.
 photo IMG_3656.jpg

 past bedtime family selfies??? why not?? photo IMG_3640.jpg
 photo IMG_3644.jpg
 photo IMG_3647.jpg
 photo IMG_3652.jpg

The next morning, we headed with dad to his work conference and hung around there playing until it was over. We are CRAZY grateful for such a wonderful job and the best coworkers and boss you could ever dream of having.
 photo IMG_3732.jpg

Afterwards, we hopped on the free buses to the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel. We always come here when we visit and C was so ready to see the trains.  photo IMG_3665.jpg
 photo IMG_3741.jpg photo IMG_3692.jpg
 photo IMG_3743.jpg photo IMG_3698.jpg
 photo IMG_3940.jpg

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and we ALL took much needed naps. That night we seriously walked miles and miles. Our hotel was at the opposite end of the downtown area, but that didn't stop us! We took one bus to the other end, then walked across this mile long bridge to a park.
 photo IMG_3930.jpg photo IMG_3747.jpg
 photo IMG_3759.jpg
 Riding the Carousel!!  photo IMG_3774.jpg

We thought we were going to eat over there, but we just weren't hungry yet, so we walked BACK across the crazy long bridge and through most of downtown before deciding on somewhere to eat.
 photo IMG_3931.jpg

We were seriously exhausted after all the walking we did that day, but it was probably my favorite day.

The next morning we checked out of the hotel and headed to the TN valley railroad museum. Another favorite place of ours.

before we left, I took a pick of C in these old phones at the hotel. We stayed in this BEAUTIFUL historic hotel. I loved all the details of this place. Right after I took this photo I accidentally slammed C's fingers in the heavy wood doors. It was a major major meltdown for everyone. Thankful, no fingers were broken!

 photo IMG_3799.jpg
 photo IMG_3899.jpg
C's personal heaven! Kid didn't stop smiling!

 photo IMG_3811.jpg
 photo IMG_3819.jpg
We heard a train!
 photo IMG_3933.jpg
 photo IMG_3827.jpg
 photo IMG_4114.jpg
 photo IMG_3900.jpg
 photo IMG_3884.jpg

Before heading home, we went to a national park on top of Lookout mountain! It was STUNNING to say the least.
 photo IMG_3921.jpg
 photo IMG_3922.jpg
 photo IMG_3938.jpg
 photo IMG_3928.jpg

We had the best time. I'm so thankful we got to take this quick little trip together. We had no idea when we went in October that we would be returning so soon, but I'm so thankful we could!!

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Ashlea said...

looks like such a fun trip! random question: where did you get the jeans you are wearing in the pictures on the bridge? I have been looking for some just like that!love them!