Easter Egg Hunt & Dye 2016

This is our third year attending this Hunt. A local church puts it on every year, and we love going. This year some friends joined and C was elated. Eden is his best gal pal. The two together just kill me. This was W's first real hunt. She was a little unsure in the beginning. She kept putting the eggs back. However, once she realized there was candy inside, she horded those little suckers. And, I can't blame her.

 photo easter2016-001.jpg
 photo easter2016-002.jpg photo easter2016-003.jpg
 photo easter2016-004.jpg
 photo easter2016-005.jpg
 photo easter2016-006.jpg
 photo easter2016-007.jpg
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 photo easter2016-013.jpg

Easter Gang 2016
 photo easter2016-014.jpg photo easter2016-015.jpg photo easter2016-016.jpg photo easter2016-017.jpg photo easter2016-018.jpg

We totally decided to do a moon bounce for their birthdays this years. This kid couldn't get enough.
 photo easter2016-019.jpg photo easter2016-020.jpg
 photo easter2016-021.jpg

Afters some hardcore jumping, it was time to sneak all the candy while they thought we were talking. I couldn't help but snap some photos of them.
 photo easter2016-022.jpg photo easter2016-023.jpg photo easter2016-024.jpg photo easter2016-025.jpg photo easter2016-026.jpg
 photo easter2016-027.jpg
 photo easter2016-028.jpg
 photo easter2016-029.jpg

We ended our hunt with a hot dog feast. Well, the kids did because husband and I were on Whole 30 at the time. Did I mention that we did Whole 30? Because we did. And we finished it. Husband lost a good bit a of weight and I learned what things were triggering my thyroid problems. Lots of leassons learned and great side effects from it, but we were happy to be DONE!

She was killing us with the way she ate her hot dog. Like an ear of corn. I get it, girl. It's the way to go.

After the hunt, we headed home for some much needed naps. We then trekked over to my parents to dye eggs. I grew up loving this tradition with my parents even though it has little to do with the true meaning of Easter. As our kids get older we plan to use that time to talk about the Easter story and Christ cleansing our hearts with the Cross.

I handed my husband the camera and just said "go for it". I almost didn't post these because some are badly focused and the lighting is terrible. BUT, I love that he took these and tried:) Thanks babe:)

 photo easter2016-032.jpg
 photo easter2016-033.jpg

 His curls. Swoon. photo easter2016-034.jpg
 photo easter2016-035.jpg
 photo easter2016-036.jpg
 photo easter2016-037.jpg

 He dropped dye on this poor egg probably 20 times. I loved watching him create these and mixing the colors. He was so excited every time he completed one.  photo easter2016-038.jpg

 And W pretty much just ate jello the entire time with Papa.  photo easter2016-039.jpg

 ALL DONE! photo easter2016-040.jpg

 photo easter2016-041.jpg

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