March Recap!

Oh March. You were a good one. A good one, indeed. My sister Audrey had her sweet baby, June. SO EXCITED she is finally here! My other sister, Lindsay, announced her pregnancy and found out the gender. Our friends, The Delks, came home from Korea with their newly adopted daughter.

Just such a precious month seeing the Lord's redemptive work.

 Sweet Pea follows me everywhere. I was having my quite time here and she just made herself at home playing with my sheets.
 photo IMG_4330.jpg

 photo IMG_4344.jpg
My sweet friend, Nicole, announced her adoption!!! And she was able to raise 5K with her adoption tshirts!!
 photo IMG_4408.jpg
 photo IMG_4430.jpg
play douh plays.
 photo IMG_4452.jpg
love these two something fierce. Ready for our third kubler kub to come home!
 photo IMG_4463.jpg
playground lovin.
 photo IMG_4497.jpg
she just slays me.
 photo IMG_4520.jpg
 photo IMG_4536.jpg
 crusin through Kroger. photo IMG_4552.jpg
 photo IMG_4559.jpg
 photo IMG_4563.jpg

 photo IMG_4619.jpg
 photo IMG_4625.jpg
 photo IMG_4626.jpg Upon meeting her C asked, "Mama can I tell her a store?... Once upon a time, there was a June. And she had a Jack, a Jovie, and a Judah. The end". and then yes, my heart did in fact EXPLODE.
 photo IMG_4671.jpg
this little boy is such a joy. 
 photo IMG_4678.jpg
 photo IMG_4680.jpg photo IMG_4683.jpg photo IMG_4710.jpg
Snuggles with my girl. 
 photo IMG_4807.jpg
Construction behind our house can only mean one thing.... heaven for C. 
 photo IMG_4850.jpg

This is AVA!!! Still in shock sometimes that she is home and here and playing with my kiddos. We love you sweet girl!
 photo IMG_4858.jpg

while at the playground C stops, runs to me and says "mama, I wanna cuddle you?" Goodness. this kid.
 photo IMG_4866.jpg
 Did something fun to finish out the month. PURPLE IS BACK!!
 photo IMG_4892.jpg
 photo IMG_4916.jpg
 photo IMG_4933.jpg
 photo IMG_4938.jpg
 It's just too fun. And it's just hair. Here's to being me and lots of purple! It fades fast, but I'm thinking I'll be touching it up soon!

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