Easter 2016 & Film

I actually took these photos of the kiddos the day before Easter, right before we left for their Easter Egg hunt. They were in such little giggly moods and W's outfit was just too much to handle.

 photo IMG_4737.jpg  photo IMG_4729.jpg
 photo IMG_4739.jpg  photo IMG_4994.jpg
 photo IMG_4714.jpg
 photo IMG_4720.jpg
 photo IMG_4744.jpg

 Easter morning was celebrated with our church family. It was one of the most beautiful and most intimate worship services I've ever been apart of. Just a sweet morning worshiping our Risen Savior.
  photo IMG_4778.jpg
 photo IMG_4779.jpg
 photo IMG_4760.jpg
 photo IMG_4767.jpg
 photo IMG_4764.jpg

 Afterwards, Josh's mom stopped by our house to drop off an Easter happy. After quick naps, we headed to my parents for another hunt and dinner with the whole family. I've started the tradition of filming these little hunts. I love watching years past and how much the babies have grown.

Oh and Happy Easter from my dork Brother:) Thanks tom tom for a million selfies.
 photo easter2016-042.jpg


AmyNicole said...

Oh my gosh. Your kiddos are precious! Sooo cute :)

Angela said...

Fantastic pictures!

A new blog post from you showed up in my blog feed a few hours ago but when I click on it, it says "this page does not exist."