February RECAP

I'm so late in posting this but what else is new:) It's April and I'm writing this but HOORAY for backdating haha. February was a slow month for us, but a mighty one in terms of prayers answered! I took the month off from all social media and my phone mostly so I don't have that many photos to recap the month with! But it was still such a sweet, sweet month with my little family and the Lord.

 We love our weekly dinners with Mudgy.
 photo IMG_1072.jpg
 Be still my heart sleeping babes.
 photo IMG_3943.jpg  photo IMG_4109.jpg
 photo IMG_3951.jpg
 photo IMG_3961.jpg

You can just see the thrill on C's face. He was SO excited to have his first guitar lesson from dad. 
 photo IMG_3991.jpg
 photo IMG_3995.jpg
 photo IMG_3999.jpg
 mundane lunches with my favorite little people.
 photo IMG_4054.jpg
 photo IMG_4064.jpg
 photo IMG_4066.jpg
Running errands all around town with  my little side kick:)
 photo IMG_4089.jpg
A few of the Redeemer Kiddos at their Valentine's Party! photo IMG_4124.jpg

Love my nightly snuggles with them. 
 photo IMG_4159.jpg
 photo IMG_4183.jpg
Braving the Cold for some much need fresh air and swings. 
 photo IMG_4203.jpg
 photo IMG_4209.jpg
 photo IMG_4214.jpg  photo IMG_4323.jpg
 photo IMG_4233.jpg

Date night with my man for HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!!! So blessed and grateful to do life with him by my side forever. 
 photo IMG_4262.jpg Beauty Shop is ALL THE YUM!
 photo IMG_4271.jpg

I mentioned prayers being answered at the beginning of this post and I can't even explain in full what a blessing of a month it was. So many friends become pregnant that had been waiting for months. Little ones officially adopted (not our own, but friends). Big prayers answered amongst the women in my Community group. It was just such a huge month of witnessing the Lord work in MIGHTY MIGHTY WAYS!!!! So thankful to be able to witness it and walk these hard roads with friends. Jesus is GOOD!

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