Sweet little Haddon was born and I loved getting to meet him. His mama and daddy are some of our dearest friends.
  photo IMG_5704.jpg

 her favorite thing ever is coloring and they are in love with these whiteboards.  photo IMG_5773.jpg
 photo IMG_5713.jpg

 Sweet girl wasn't feeling well, but i loved all the cuddles photo IMG_5785.jpg

 fun day at the playground with these toots.  photo IMG_5798.jpg
 photo IMG_5974.jpg  photo IMG_5824.jpg
 photo IMG_5829.jpg photo IMG_5826.jpg
 photo IMG_5852.jpg

 Prayed over this sweet girl for a year as her parents adopted her. Dreamed of the day I'd get a hug from sweet A. ANNNDDDD this is that glorious moment! photo IMG_5857.jpg

 Sassy sassy girl! photo IMG_5870.jpg photo IMG_5886.jpg photo IMG_6010.jpg

he's TOTALLY gotten into spiderman lately! So, of course, this is the pop he picks when the ice cream man comes!

 photo IMG_5892.jpg
 photo IMG_5895.jpg

 be still my heart! photo IMG_5918.jpg

 Fun with my littles on a sunday morning! photo IMG_6045.jpg photo IMG_5965.jpg

 One of my besties is having a BOY!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet Henry! photo IMG_5973.jpg

 I told you he LOVES spiderman. He wears it everywhere all the time! photo IMG_5983.jpg

 The day she left! Oh goodness. All the tears. photo IMG_5988.jpg

 Snoozing at Lolli's house.  photo IMG_5995.jpg

 Zoo day with Jett! photo IMG_6012.jpg

 Their relationship is really starting to grow and I'm loving every bit of it. He's including her more and more when he plays and is so sweet to her. Praying they always stay close! photo IMG_6040.jpg
 photo IMG_6052.jpg

 Wearing our adoption shirts for Evie's adoption! Some friends of ours adopted from the Congo! photo IMG_6069.jpg

 Zoo day with my sweet family!
 photo IMG_6151.jpg photo IMG_6159.jpg
 photo IMG_6161.jpg photo IMG_6162.jpg photo IMG_6164.jpg

She thinks he is too funny! photo IMG_6192.jpg
 photo IMG_6202.jpg  photo IMG_6215.jpg
 photo IMG_6223.jpg

 Sweet sleeping babes photo IMG_6274.jpg
 photo IMG_6281.jpg

 Family Date night! photo IMG_6292.jpg
 photo IMG_6296.jpg
 photo IMG_6347.jpg
 photo IMG_6348.jpg
 Cousin Lovin!
 photo IMG_6399.jpg

 One of my favorite pics of them of alllllllll time! photo IMG_6457.jpg

 Spider muscles
 photo IMG_6480.jpg
 oh willow, that smile! photo IMG_6497.jpg
 photo IMG_6516.jpg
 photo IMG_6567.jpg

girlfriend loves her food. Snack break while the big kids play in the sprinkler at Lolli and Poppas
 photo IMG_6580.jpg photo IMG_6598.jpg

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