Bed. Head.

some of my favorite moments with my babies is right after their naps. They are usually pretty happy, very cuddly, and their hair is always enjoyable. The other day they were just being wayyyy tooo cute for me to handle so I grabbed my camera quickly and snapped these. Now I just need to frame like almost every single one.
 photo canaanthephotographer-012.jpg  photo canaanthephotographer-015.jpg photo canaanthephotographer-009.jpg photo canaanthephotographer-001.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-016.jpg photo canaanthephotographer-011.jpg
  photo canaanthephotographer-008.jpg photo canaanthephotographer-002.jpg
  photo canaanthephotographer-004.jpg
  photo canaanthephotographer-007.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-005.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-010.jpg
  photo canaanthephotographer-006.jpg photo canaanthephotographer-013.jpg

 this last one is pretty blurry and off focus, but I just love it so much of my girl. Thank you Lord for these sweet two and their crazy, unruly hair.

 photo canaanthephotographer-014.jpg

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