C the Photographer

a few weeks ago I taught C how to use my camera. Bless him, it was almost too heavy for him to even hold up. He practiced shooting on me and his daddy. I had just finished working out and looked a mess, but I love that he captured me like this. Because, most days, this is how I look to my kiddos. Hair in a bun, workout clothes, and just snuggling the mess out of them.

 photo canaanthephotographer-018.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-019.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-020.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-021.jpg

These he took of me and W will forever be some of my faves. She had major bed head and was in one of my favorite "just woke up snuggly" moods.
  photo canaanthephotographer-022.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-023.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-024.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-026.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-025.jpg

 Seriously, so impressed with how he did. I, of course, adjusted the camera settings for him in manual, but taught him how to focus and move the camera. Who knows, maybe we will have a photographer on our hands.
  photo canaanthephotographer-027.jpg
 photo canaanthephotographer-028.jpg

 Couldn't leave daddy and his silly faces out. haha.

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