June Recap

Summer Heat is in full force, so we've kept busy cooling ourselves off!

Lots of days spent at the Children's Museum!
 photo IMG_6629.jpg

 Playing with the hose outside was our jam! photo IMG_6646.jpg photo IMG_6654.jpg

 The train museum downtown had a free day. We've never been before, but obviously C loved it! My sister and her kids came along, as well as my parents. Afterwards we stuffed our faces with spaghetti
 photo IMG_6664.jpg photo IMG_6676.jpg photo IMG_6681.jpg photo IMG_6708.jpg

 We came home and the kiddos cuddled up with dad! photo IMG_6721.jpg

 C is obsessed with his train pins lately.  photo IMG_6746.jpg

 SUNNIES photo IMG_6756.jpg

 playing outside! photo IMG_6838.jpg

 when the dessert makes you feel some kinda way!
 photo IMG_6846.jpg

 this girl. so in love with babies! photo IMG_6849.jpg

 She asked for her swimsuit, floaties, and "pack-pack" photo IMG_6914.jpg

 so thankful for this little fam of mine.  photo IMG_6917.jpg
 photo IMG_6964.jpg

 cousin slip n slide!!!!!!! This was seriously hilarious and so funny! At one point, my dad got a giant rope and would have them pull on to it and then pull them down the slide. They were FLYING!!!  photo IMG_6933.jpg
 photo IMG_6940.jpg photo IMG_6961.jpg

 my sweet Lo! photo IMG_6995.jpg

Date night for our anniversary! CAN NOT BELIEVE we've been married for 7 years! photo IMG_7017.jpg

 pool dates with J! photo IMG_7037.jpg
 showing them how it's done?? photo IMG_7070.jpg

 goodness, i'm loving their friendship! He's always quick to help her photo IMG_7082.jpg

 crashed. photo IMG_7086.jpg
 photo IMG_7102.jpg

 playing with Nana and Great Granddaddy photo IMG_7106.jpg

 We played until way past bedtime at our friends house! photo IMG_7160.jpg

 Love this little mini me.  photo IMG_7223.jpg

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