Annual 4th of July getaway!

For the past two years we've gone on a quick getaway for the July 4th with my parents. It's been such a fun tradition!! This year we decided to go to Branson, MO for a few days. We stayed in the nicest condo and thoroughly enjoyed the time away!

  photo IMG_7232.jpg

This girl. She's the best little travelor.  photo IMG_7238.jpg

 We got in late Sunday night, ordered pizza, hit up walmart, and called it a day. Monday morning, July 4th, we went Downtown to the landing and walked the river and ate lunch.  photo IMG_7259.jpg
 photo IMG_7251.jpg
 photo IMG_7255.jpg
 Happy Fourth..... PLANE!!!!
 photo IMG_7268.jpg love these little brothers!
  photo IMG_7254.jpg

 watching the fountains down by the river!!
 photo IMG_7263.jpg photo IMG_7266.jpg

 passed out after lunch on the river. We let them snooze for about an hour until we went to Silver Dollar City. photo IMG_7270.jpg

Spent all Monday afternoon and evening in the park! photo IMG_7275.jpg

 C LOVESSSS thrill rides. loves loves loves. The kid wanted to ride everything possible!  photo IMG_7282.jpg
 photo IMG_7295.jpg
 photo IMG_7302.jpg
 photo IMG_7663.jpg photo IMG_7306.jpg photo IMG_7314.jpg photo IMG_7330.jpg photo IMG_7337.jpg

 That night we went for a late night swim and played with fireworks!
  photo IMG_7372.jpg photo IMG_7376.jpg photo IMG_7409.jpg
 photo IMG_7412.jpg

 Tuesday morning we woke up and did Silver Dollar City again. Josh and I left the kiddos with my parents and went to ride a few rides with my little brothers. They were clearly thrilled to be waiting in line.  photo IMG_7413.jpg

 Their favorite part was the tram ride back to the parking lot.  photo IMG_7457.jpg

 We took naps before heading back down to the river landing for dinner! photo IMG_7458.jpg

 Oh and ice cream. ALLLLLL the ice cream! photo IMG_7477.jpg photo IMG_7490.jpg photo IMG_7510.jpg
 photo IMG_7579.jpg

 The river that night felt incredible, so we lingered a little on the docks.  photo IMG_7571.jpg photo IMG_7573.jpg

 this girl loves her poppa! photo IMG_7625.jpg photo IMG_7581.jpg

 Wednesday we packed up and decided to go to a Ripley's Believe It or Not museum because it was raining. It was actually alot of fun! Afterwards, we grabbed lunch at the YUMMIESSTTTT BBQ restaurant. I'm craving it right now major!
  photo IMG_7596.jpg
 photo IMG_7599.jpg photo IMG_7612.jpg photo IMG_7622.jpg

So so thankful for this trip away. Right before we left we got a call about a possible match. It didn't end up working out (5th failed possible match), so I was extra thankful we were on this trip to take our minds off things. Thanking the Lord for all this time as a family of four!

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