July Recap

July flew by insanely fast! Once we got home from our trip to Branson, I blinked and it was August.

  photo IMG_7648.jpg

 all the morning sass.  photo IMG_7655.jpg photo IMG_7661.jpg

died my hair purple before a girls trip to Nashville with some ladies from my church. Over 30 women went and we had the best time!  photo IMG_7692.jpg photo IMG_7695.jpg
 photo IMG_7710.jpg

Josh and the kiddos had fun while I was gone! They went and got doughnuts and broke in their new car seats.  photo IMG_7699.jpg photo IMG_7698.jpg  photo IMG_7747.jpg
  photo IMG_7745.jpg photo IMG_7746.jpg

I sure was thankful to get back home to these babies! 
  photo IMG_7724.jpg

 When you just can't anymore.... photo IMG_7755.jpg

 love these toots!
 photo IMG_7768.jpg photo IMG_7778.jpg
 photo IMG_7791.jpg

Reading with Aunt Erin! photo IMG_7797.jpg

 Willow has really gotten into purses, baby dolls, and playing dress up lately! She was thrilled to play with Jovie and wear all her dresses! photo IMG_7839.jpg

 All the princess sass!
 photo IMG_7852.jpg

 Christmas in JULY! photo IMG_7874.jpg photo IMG_7879.jpg photo IMG_7891.jpg

 My brother and his sweet wife had their baby!!!!! Lincoln Allen YOU ARE SO LOVED!!! I can't WAITTTT to get my hands on this baby! They moved off recently to North Carolina and we miss them like CRAZY! photo IMG_7895.jpg photo IMG_7898.jpg

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