I'm so so so so so badly behind on blogging (it's actually august and I'm just now going back and posting my montly recap posts...oops)

 I'm getting all emotional looking back through April's photos. This month we threw my sister a last minute baby shower before she moved to Australia. It turned out beautifully and SO many people showered them with gifts. Lindsay left for Australia in May, so we were so thankful we could do this before she left.  photo IMG_5036.jpg

 MISS HER EVERYDAY! photo IMG_5037.jpg

 Snuggles with my babes
  photo IMG_5045.jpg
 photo IMG_5046.jpg
 photo IMG_5051.jpg
 photo IMG_5055.jpg
 photo IMG_5057.jpg

 Sick babies:(
  photo IMG_5059.jpg

 more cuddling with my littles.  photo IMG_5072.jpg
 photo IMG_5438.jpg
 photo IMG_5077.jpg

 goodness, I can't handle her cuteness!!! photo IMG_5089.jpg
 photo IMG_5080.jpg

 The Zoo with my little family! photo IMG_5163.jpg
 photo IMG_5178.jpg

 my favorite days are days of pj wearing and snuggles and giggles galore! photo IMG_5202.jpg

 My sweet sister got me this swaddle for our adoption. We are praying and praying this baby comes home soon!
  photo IMG_5282.jpg

HER BUN. HER BUN. HER BUN.  photo IMG_5284.jpg

 Playing dress up on mamas bed! photo IMG_5286.jpg
 photo IMG_5326.jpg
 photo IMG_5295.jpg

 Our sweet Willow broke her leg. We were going down a slide and she got her foot stuck underneath me. She didn't cry for long but I knew something was up the next day when she wouldn't put weight on it.  photo IMG_5362.jpg
 photo IMG_5373.jpg

 She was so big and brave during her xrays photo IMG_5379.jpg
 photo IMG_5388.jpg

We had family photos done before Lindsay and Ryan left for Australia! I LOVED how they turned out!!!
  photo IMG_5419.jpg

 being sassy!
  photo IMG_5425.jpg

 officially got her cast. Again, this girl blew me away with her bravery. She didn't even cry while they did her cast. She wore it for four weeks total!
  photo IMG_5441.jpg
 photo IMG_5488.jpg
 photo IMG_5528.jpg

 morning walks
 photo IMG_5546.jpg

 oh, my sweet boy! photo IMG_5553.jpg
 photo IMG_5560.jpg

 We squeezed in as many nights with my family as possible before both my brother and sister moved. Ricky and Alyssa moved to North Caroline and Linday and Ryan moved to Australia.
  photo IMG_5586.jpg
 photo IMG_5588.jpg

 lunch with friends.  photo IMG_5643.jpg

 Fishing with Ryan and Lindsay! This was C's first time ever. He LOVED IT!! photo IMG_5678.jpg
 photo IMG_5679.jpg
 photo IMG_5680.jpg
 While reeling in a fish, C slipped and fell in. But that didn't stop him, he just kept on fishing in his underwear. HAHAHA!

 photo IMG_5677.jpg

Sweet Lo LOVES babies. 

 photo IMG_5695.jpg

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