this photo of W just kills me. all vegged out on the couch.

 photo IMG_7913.jpg

 These little toots were so proud of their temporary tattoos.
 photo IMG_7924.jpg photo IMG_7928.jpg photo IMG_7939.jpg

forever thankful for the Community we have through our church. These people are family. 
 photo IMG_8030.jpg

 Swimming with friends! photo IMG_8056.jpg

I walked into C's room to find him reading to W. This is something I catch them doing often. It blesses my soul. I love their relationship!

  photo IMG_8074.jpg
 Love this sweet boy!
  photo IMG_8095.jpg

They loved painting for preschool!
  photo IMG_8105.jpg photo IMG_8109.jpg photo IMG_8118_1.jpg photo IMG_8116.jpg

 Josh prays with our kiddos everynight. The way W prays KILLS MEEEEE. I CAN NOT HANDLE IT. photo IMG_8124.jpg photo IMG_8155_1.jpg

 Movie night with friends.
  photo IMG_8158.jpg

 photo IMG_8174.jpg

first time french braiding her hair. "Bwraid my hair muhmama" 
  photo IMG_8197.jpg photo IMG_8203.jpg

 Playing in the teepee
  photo IMG_8219.jpg photo IMG_8237.jpg

 Spent the day at the Bass Pro Pyramid when our friend from Australia came in.
 photo IMG_8261.jpg photo IMG_8263.jpg photo IMG_8274.jpg photo IMG_8276.jpg
  photo IMG_8280.jpg

I took these pictures of C on the day we started his preschool at home.  I can't believe how big he is getting. He's doing so great with his school, we are so proud of him!
 photo IMG_8299.jpg photo IMG_8300.jpg photo IMG_8306.jpg photo IMG_8310.jpg photo IMG_8311.jpg
  photo IMG_8312.jpg

I'm not exaggerating when I say she will sit and color for like 45 mins at a time. 
 photo IMG_8315.jpg

  photo IMG_8187.png

Could she have ANYMORE BABIES? no. she couldn't

 photo IMG_8342.jpg

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