Beach Vacay 2016

This beach vacation was just what we needed during such an anxious time. We were matched shortly before this trip and knew our birthmom would be due shortly after we returned. So, we soaked up every minute of this trip as a family of four. It was so so nice and relaxing. We spent every day down by the pool or beach, then the kids would nap and I would get some time alone on the beach, then dinner and snow cones.

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 They LOVED the bunk beds they got to sleep. And W did so so good in a big girl bed.
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 Sweet girl wasn't so sure about the beach at first, but she warmed up quickly. She fell in love with chasing the birds.
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  photo IMG_8605.jpg photo IMG_8618.jpg photo IMG_8632.jpg photo IMG_8635.jpg

She walked in the room wearing this.... hahahahahahaha
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 Sweet boy. They napped so hard on vacation.  photo IMG_8641.jpg

 Dinner out on a pier!
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Crab hunting! We caught so many crabs. C named the biggest crab, Sandy. 
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 Our condo had an amazing kiddo area. It had a covered playground, water slide, fountains, and small pool that only came up to their knees. We spent most of our mornings and afternoons here. Going in september was a genius idea. The condo was barely occupied.

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Took some pictures on the beach. I didn't think they would turn out very well since it was SO WINDY!! We barely made it back to the car before the storm blew in.
 photo beachvaca2016-001_1.jpg
 photo beachvaca2016-002_1.jpg photo beachvaca2016-004_1.jpg photo beachvaca2016-006_1.jpg photo beachvaca2016-007.jpg photo beachvaca2016-012.jpg photo beachvaca2016-014.jpg photo beachvaca2016-015_1.jpg

  photo IMG_8703.jpg
 Love these pics of my sweet, sassy girl!! She is cracking us up with her personality lately.
 photo IMG_8720.jpg photo IMG_8725.jpg photo IMG_8727.jpg photo IMG_8733.jpg photo IMG_8734.jpg photo IMG_8823.jpg
  photo IMG_8769.jpg

headed to take a few more pics before another yummy dinner. 
  photo IMG_8818.jpg
 Love this of them!!! photo beachvaca2016-016.jpg photo beachvaca2016-020_1.jpg
  photo beachvaca2016-024.jpg
 Definitely need to frame this of these two.
 photo beachvaca2016-029.jpg photo beachvaca2016-030_1.jpg
 This will forever be one of my favorites of my C. Sweet boy!
  photo beachvaca2016-027.jpg
  photo beachvaca2016-031.jpg photo beachvaca2016-034.jpg photo beachvaca2016-035_1.jpg photo beachvaca2016-036.jpg photo beachvaca2016-039.jpg photo beachvaca2016-041.jpg

  photo IMG_8779.jpg
 of course they had to ride the train after dinner.
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  photo IMG_8967.jpg

 On our last night, we stayed up way past bedtime for a late night swim.
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We hit the beach one last time before we loaded up in the car. So thankful for such a relaxing week with my crew. 
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