September Recap!

This month went by incredibly SLOW. Most because the momma we were matched with was due at the end of the month. We went to the beach (as seen in the last post) and we started C's preschool at home! He's doing so well with it and definitely enjoying.
  photo IMG_8361.jpg

Baby Lincoln came in town and we all stole as many snuggles as possible!!!!
  photo IMG_8407.jpg

Love this of my sweet girl!
  photo IMG_8417.jpg

School days with C learning about frogs and letter sounds. 
 photo IMG_8427.jpg
Willow was not impressed haha. 
  photo IMG_8452.jpg
 This little boy loves his "playtar"
  photo IMG_8459.jpg
 Learning the symbols for numbers 1-10
  photo IMG_8461.jpg
 Playground adventures!
  photo IMG_8470.jpg
 Sweet sleepy girl!
  photo IMG_8506.jpg
 home made playdoh and sculptures from our nature walk.
  photo IMG_8529.jpg
 sweet girl friends
  photo IMG_8533.jpg

 I love my night snuggles with them. They both wanted to sit with me, and I soak them up! photo IMG_8937.jpg

C is learning to write his name. This was his very first attempt completely on his own. I just can't handle it, so precious.
 photo IMG_8943.jpg

  photo IMG_8946.jpg

Her level of sass has been seriously ramped up lately. We try our hardest not to laugh when disciplining her. Such a little toot. 
  photo IMG_8992.jpg
 School at the park!
  photo IMG_9003.jpg
  photo IMG_9009.jpg

Goodness, she is toooooo cute
  photo IMG_9011.jpg
  photo IMG_9012.jpg

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