October Recap

October was here and gone before I knew it. We celebrated the kiddos birthdays this month too. So thankful for such a fun, busy month.

chalk before naps. Yeah, it definitely stained their hands a little. 
 photo IMG_9126.jpg photo IMG_9127.jpg

Our annual pumpkin patch visit with my family. I took pictures of the entire day on my Canon, but the images were lost when we had some major computer problems. I was so sad to lose them, but thankfully out of all the images, they were the only ones lost. I managed to snap just a few on my phone and my mom sent me some she took. 
  photo IMG_9151.jpg photo IMG_9153.jpg
 they love getting to ride these ponies every year.
 photo IMG_9339.jpg photo IMG_9340.jpg

 we spent the entire morning at the pumpkin farm, little girl couldn't hang on the drive home. She fell asleep after being in the car 1 entire minute.
  photo IMG_9155.jpg

we got together with several of my SAHM friends from church for a kids Halloween party.It was a big success and a little bit chaotic haha. But, the kids really enjoyed the themed lunch and craft.
  photo IMG_9170.jpg photo IMG_9174.jpg
 photo IMG_9196.jpg photo IMG_9178.jpg photo IMG_9183.jpg
 photo IMG_9190.jpg
 Frankenstein juice and grapes, toxic mac n cheese, pumpkin rice krispy treats, pumpkin mandarian oranges, pizza bits, monster cookies, and little sausages.

  photo IMG_9188.jpg
  photo IMG_9195.jpg

Canaan started Thursday school this fall. Its a free program offered by a local church. They learn bible stories, numbers, letters, colors, etc and play with friends. So far, he's enjoyed it and he loves going to "school".
  photo IMG_9210.jpg photo IMG_9218.jpg

I used to wear my hair in these curlers all the time growing up. W thought they were so silly and fun. Her precious little curls killed me. 
  photo IMG_9226.jpg photo IMG_9234.jpg

 Our sweet nephew, Henry Call was born! So thankful for this friend/sister and this new babe!
  photo IMG_9395.jpg

oh this girl. She has my heart. 
  photo IMG_9429.jpg

These toots went for their yearly checkups radiating their personalities for all to see. 
  photo IMG_9536.jpg
 Fun in the bath!
  photo IMG_9543.jpg

Halloween was so fun this year! I took the kids to a festival one night while josh worked. C got to meet spiderman and it thrilled his little soul. 
 photo IMG_9553.jpg

On Halloween day, we took the kids to josh's work. They threw all the work babies and little party full of candy and photoboths. 
  photo IMG_9569.jpg

We came home for quick naps, then went to see Josh's mom and trick or treat at her house. 
  photo IMG_9570.jpg

 Afterwards, we went to my sister's in laws and ate chili and grilled cheese and then trick or treated in their big neighborhood.  photo IMG_9576.jpg
 Goodness, these two.
  photo IMG_9590.jpg

 Afterwards we stopped by my parents church to play at their big festival. The kids petted some animals and the petting zoo and jumped on bounce houses. So thankful for such a fun Halloween and month of October. HELLO CHRISTMAS SEASON!!!!

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