2016 November Recap

November FLEW by. It was a fun of announcing our pregnancy, taking fall family pictures, and preparing for Christmas. We also had a few chances at being matched through our agency, but they fell through. We are trusting the Lord that if it's His will, we will be matched before we are paused at 20 weeks.

Littlest one is 14 weeks!
 photo IMG_9652.jpg

I couldn't remember if I posted these of the kiddos, but I took a few shots of them the day we did our pregnancy announcement photos. I love these little hams. 
 photo IMG_9666.jpg photo IMG_9667.jpg photo IMG_9668.jpg

C had a program to finish off the fall semester of his Thursday School. It was precious how excited he was. 
  photo IMG_9673.jpg photo IMG_9681.jpg

 So SOOO proud of the big boy! He loved going to Thursday school this semester and we plan to take him back for the spring semester. It's only for 2.5 hours on Thursdays only. Any longer, and I don't think I could handle it.  photo IMG_9691.jpg

Late night cocoa and cookies with friends! photo IMG_9739.jpg

 Each holiday some of the mom's throw a little party for the kiddos. We did a thanksgiving party at the Bobos full of brunch food and turkey crafts. It was hilarious how many kiddos were running around. But, I'm so incredibly thankful for all the women the Lord has put into my life. The kids had a BLAST! photo IMG_9753.jpg photo IMG_9755.jpg

 This photo of all of them killllls me.  photo IMG_9767.jpg

Picnic at the mall playground. We tried to squeeze in a lot of these before the weather got too cold. 
 photo IMG_9777.jpg photo IMG_9779.jpg

 Sweet little nephew. SO thankful my brother was able to come in town with his wife and baby Lincoln. I snuggled this little fella during the sermon on Sunday. So thankful for him, our church, and my sweet husband is always points us to Christ.
  photo IMG_9812.jpg photo IMG_9813.jpg

 little snug bug.
 photo IMG_9824.jpg

Thanksgiving day with my sweet family!
 photo IMG_9848.jpg

 Snuggle bugs!
  photo IMG_9941.jpg

He is in love with this train and HAS NOT stopped playing with it sense we put it under the tree. Every year it becomes his favorite thing. I love that his love for trains has never wavered. 
  photo IMG_9972.jpg

 Decorating a gingerbread trains! Thanks to our Mudgy for the awesome gift! They ate more than they decorated.  photo IMG_9977.jpg photo IMG_9980.jpg

My sweet little spideys. He hugged her all on his own. Goodness I love their relationship. 
  photo IMG_9992.jpg
  photo IMG_0009.jpg

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