The Great Tree Hunt of 2016

This is easily one of my favorite traditions. The great Christmas Tree Hunt. I've documented this day the past several years and It makes me all kinds of emotional to see the kiddos getting so big. Josh's dad owns several nurseries. We are so thankful to get our trees from him. It makes it all the more special.

C & W played and played and played the entire time. In and out of the trees they went while we picked out the best looking one.
  photo IMG_9924.jpg photo IMG_9854.jpg

  photo IMG_9849.jpg
 photo IMG_9851.jpg

 photo IMG_9880.jpg

Her little sweet nose, cheeks, and round belly. Goodness. 
  photo IMG_0017.jpg
 photo IMG_9881.jpg

  photo IMG_9916.jpg

 oh they know how to make me swoon.  photo IMG_9915.jpg photo IMG_9863 copy.jpg

  photo IMG_0016.jpg
 So thankful for this little tribe of mine.  photo IMG_9897.jpg

 They love giving each other all the kisses and hugs.  photo IMG_9904.jpg
 photo IMG_9878.jpg

 goofy ones! photo IMG_9901.jpg
Found the perfect one!!! It might be might favorite out of the last few years.  photo IMG_9919.jpg
 this hunk threw that tree up there like it was nothing.  photo IMG_9921.jpg

Here are years past-


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