Christmas 2016

So thankful this Christmas was packed with Family. We usually don't get to go to Arkansas to see Josh's family, but this year it worked out. We are sure thankful because now his grandparents are moving to North Carolina. The kids loved getting to see their cousins they rarely see. We drove down on the 22nd and spent several hours just relaxing, eating, and enjoy their company.

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 this girl and her granddaddy! Love them together.  photo IMG_0629.jpg
 We left early afternoon and drove straight to a family christmas party on my side. There were over 85 people there, so in all the busyness, I forgot to take any pictures. It was a crazy day, but we had such a fun time!

Christmas Eve we spend with Josh's mom and family. We eat fish tacos, open gifts, and ALWAYS take our annual christmas eve photo!

 photo 9704341B-C5AC-4920-9CDE-475C6609FAD3.jpg photo IMG_0536.jpg

 Christmas morning fell on a Sunday this year. Josh's mom came over super early to see the kids open gifts and eat a yummy breakfast. We love that she is able to come!

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 photo IMG_0550.jpg

The didn't get many gifts this year from us because we surprised them with a new PLAYGROUND!!!!!! They were so so so excited. I caught the whole thing of video. So thankful to have this come summer time when it's hot and I need to stay inside with baby A. 
  photo IMG_0577.jpg
 I love Christmas being on Sunday. Nothing more perfect to do than celebrate Christ's birth with our family and friends.
 photo D427A5A1-DD51-450D-A9E7-6112DA5ACD3A.jpg

We spent all of Christmas afternoon and evening at my parents. I wish so bad I had shot some video, but I'm thankful for the few pictures and a seriously good time with all my favorite people.  photo IMG_0602.jpg photo IMG_0604.jpg photo IMG_0606.jpg

 On the 26th, we headed to Josh's dads for lunch and gifts. We always love going down to his land and just relaxing. The kids love their granddaddy, Mandee and aunts.
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 Every year I think it's the best Christmas yet, and this year was no exception. Watching the kids grow and learn more about why we celebrate Christmas is just such a joy. Can't believe next year we will have another little one to join the crew.

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