December Recap 2016

This month was a busy one for sure. But in all the best ways. We spent so much time with family, we were hardly home. Thankfully, my parents live right behind us. The kids stayed blissfully tired the entire month... hence all the photos of C sleeping.

  photo IMG_0021.jpg

 We decorated salt dough ornaments as a family. Then, a bunch of the kiddos friends from church came over for a kiddo christmas party and we made more! photo IMG_0053.jpg
 photo IMG_1431.jpg

 Sweet ornaments. I LOVE LOVE LOVE homemade ornaments.
  photo IMG_0061.jpg
  photo IMG_0057.jpg
  photo IMG_0072.jpg

 One of my favorite traditions each year is chowing down on Five guys and then taking the kids to see Starry Nights in Shelby Farms. The kiddos love that I let them get out of their carseats and ride in the front with us to see all the lights.
  photo IMG_0083.jpg photo IMG_0088.jpg

 She's getting so so big and my heart wants to burst.
  photo IMG_0118.jpg

Are you kidding me, Lo? Love her. 
 photo IMG_0149.jpg

 LINDSAY IS HOMMMEEE!!! My sister is home for christmas and the whole family is just elated. She moved to Australia back in May and we've missed her so so sooooo much. This christmas with her home was so special. and the biggest blessing was meeting her little one, Stone for the very first time!!!!!!!! We love this little boy big time and were counting down the days until we could get our hands on him.
  photo IMG_0165.jpg

If you call him by his name, he will immediately correct you. His name is now peter parker.  photo IMG_0173.jpg

 Sweet little hints of pink.
 photo IMG_0188.jpg

 My sister, Audrey, throws an ornament swap party every year for the ladies of our church. Of course, I forgot to take pics, but atleast I got one with my sisters!
  photo IMG_0319.jpg photo IMG_0320.jpg
 photo IMG_1483.jpg
We are all OBSESSED with Stone. 
  photo IMG_0408.jpg
  photo IMG_0413.jpg
 photo IMG_0415.jpg

My brother and his wife also came into town. These two cousins met for the first time and I think became sweet little BFFS. 
  photo IMG_0428.jpg
  photo IMG_0445.jpg photo IMG_0465.jpg

naps at Lolli's
  photo IMG_0472.jpg photo IMG_0475.jpg

Traditional cousins in matching pjs night!!!!!!!!
 photo IMG_0488.jpg

 We found out the gender of our sweet boy this month and told my family through this ornament. Goodness, we can't wait for A to join this crew!
  photo D7C63B4A-1515-49BB-A3FA-25CA6B8DE72A.jpg

Happy New Year!!!
 photo IMG_0644.jpg

 photo IMG_0645.jpg

 photo IMG_0647.jpg

 photo IMG_0650.jpg

 photo IMG_0651.jpg

Thank you Lord for such a sweet month with our family!

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