Chattanooga Weekend Getaway

We were able to join Josh on a work trip this weekend to Chattanooga. We actually were able to take this same trip last year. It was so much fun seeing what the kids remembered and reliving those fun memories. This year, one of my BFFs got to come too with her boys (our husbands work together). We were able to hangout while our men worked a conference.

We got in on Thursday afternoon. Christen and I grabbed lunch at a near by deli then took the kids swimming to get some energy out. Goodness, these kiddos just melt me.

  photo IMG_1123.jpg
  photo IMG_1128.jpg
 photo IMG_1268.jpg

After swimming, we tackled baths and then walked to dinner. I love staying downtown and being able to walk where ever we wanted. We thought we were a little crazy taking 4 kiddos to dinner by ourselves but it was seriously yummy, and the kids did great!

  photo IMG_1135.jpg
  photo IMG_1140.jpg

 Friday morning, we took the kiddos to the conference hall to see their daddy's booth and hang for a few minutes. Then, we took the kids to the children's museum while the men worked. The kids loved it! photo IMG_1144.jpg
  photo IMG_1149.jpg

The kids and I went to lunch with Josh at our favorite Chatty place, Good Dog! It's so so yummy and we HAD to take our traditional pictures on their green stairs!
  photo IMG_1164.jpg
Love my silly girl!
  photo IMG_1351.jpg
So thankful for their relationship!
 photo IMG_1355.jpg
  photo IMG_1466.jpg
  photo IMG_1223.jpg photo IMG_1252.jpg photo IMG_1266.jpg
  photo IMG_1367.jpg

We went back for some much needed naps, and then we all went to dinner that night once the guys were done working.

Willow had a hard time falling asleep since we didin't bring her pack n play. I finally got her to drift off on me. It was sorta heaven getting all those cuddles.

  photo IMG_1267.jpg

 We woke up super early Saturday morning and let the kids get in one last minute swim. Christen and I then packed up and checked out while the guys finished working. We left the hotel and went to the Chattanooga Choo Choo hotel and a local hot chocolate joint. It was CRAZY yummy! I'm wishing real bad I had some RIGHT now. The kids loved it and loved see the train again!  photo IMG_1280.jpg
  photo IMG_1290.jpg
C was a little disappointed it was gone. haha.
 photo IMG_1345.jpg

  photo IMG_1293.jpg

 photo IMG_1374.jpg
 photo IMG_1299 copy.jpg
 photo IMG_1310.jpg
Traditional Pic!
  photo IMG_1333.jpg
Goodness I love these two, and I can't wait to see Abe added in next time!
  photo IMG_1340.jpg

After, we headed to lunch at a local place (that was so good it hurt), and then we headed home. So very thankful for getaways like this and being able to tag along with Josh's work.

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