Maternity Session with Abraham

A couple weeks back we got a random snow! It hardly ever snows here. We got a good several inches every 2 years or so. This time, we got a full three inches, and it was glorious. I was on the couch cozied up in sweats and a messy bun when a sweet friend texted me. She asked to come to my house and shoot some maternity pics out in the snow. I rushed to get ready, and then we explored my neighborhood. It was incredibly cold, but we had such a fun time laughing at my awkwardness and getting covered in mud. SO thankful for these images and my sweet, servant hearted friend! I'll forever treasure these. Also, realllll thankful I don't look half as awkward as I felt. HA! Stephanie, you did an AMAZING job!

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along: 24.5 weeks (but pics were at 22.5 weeks)
Total Weight Gain: 11-12 pounds
Maternity Clothes:OH yes.
Best Moment this Week: getting back into a routine after being gone last week on our church staff retreat.
Gender:BOY! Abraham Robert
Movement:all the time. It's so reassuring.
Food Cravings: all the foods. Hungry all the time.
Food aversions: fried food.
What I Miss: Nothing! Feeling so so great!
Sleep: getting great sleep! Sleeping like a rock!  
What I am looking forward to: redoing the kiddos rooms and all the nesting!
Belly Button:in in in

And for a walk down memory lane, here's

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