Snow Day 2016

We rarely get snow around here, but this year we got a good 3-4 inches. The kids were so so excited. unfortunately, they were a little under the weather so they could only stay out for about 15 minutes. I wish they could have played longer. But, they had so much fun anyways.

Willow LOVES some Elsa (from the movie Frozen). I just had to snap a fast picture of her in her Elsa dress out in the snow. She kept staring at her picture when I showed her and said "Elsa, Elsa, Elsa". Goodness. I love that sweet girl!

So thankful for a day in the snow and cuddles on the couch!

 photo IMG_0823.jpg

  photo 7E030F0A-60D8-4C9C-95E3-9E8A0D58DC82.jpg

Good grief, they are just too much!
  photo 76DF2BB7-26EB-4546-A354-23F7BD887158.jpg
 Little snow bunny, Lo.  photo IMG_0693.jpg
  photo IMG_0765.jpg
  photo IMG_0752.jpg

  photo IMG_0729.jpg

  photo IMG_0738.jpg photo IMG_0724.jpg

 I love our home in the snow.  photo IMG_0750.jpg
 C thought throwing snow balls was just hilarious!
 photo IMG_0754.jpg photo IMG_0763.jpg photo IMG_0715.jpg

 photo IMG_0745.jpg
  photo IMG_0784.jpg
  photo IMG_0731.jpg

 photo IMG_0795.jpg

  photo IMG_0664.jpg

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