February Recap

I can't get over how fast these winter months are flying by. Usually, the drag, but I'm guessing because it's been filled with trips and prepping for Abe it's FLOWN by!

We started the month off potty training W. We spent three days in my bathroom so she could learn the urge and conquer any bathroom fears. Overall, she did great those three days and the first two weeks! Week three brought lots of accidents, but she's getting the hang of it again. We are so proud of her, and thankful that overall, it's gone well.
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Canaan has been so sweet and supportive of her. Everytime she had a success, he would cheer her on! Love their little friendship!

27 weeks with sweet Abe!!!

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And of course these toots wanted a pic too:)
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 photo IMG_1649.jpg

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Sweet girl!
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Spent this month prepping the nursery for Abe and redoing C's room so that W can share with him. We painted his room, got a new rug, curtains, and decor. I'm almost finished with them both and can't wait to document them! 
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They play so well together. I'm so so so very thankful!
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The days have finally gotten prettier (and crazily much warmer). Several days this month I let them skip naptime and play outside. Twice they played for 3 hours straight. Which then meant an early bed time and a date night in for us! whoop whoop!!!! This playground has been one of our best investments EVERRRRR!
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We got surprise donuts for valentines day and took them to daddy at work! I didn't take any pictures, but the kiddos also had a party with all their friends from church the day before. They loved getting all their valentines and STILL talk about it:)
 photo IMG_1518.jpg

Caught these two reading together:)
  photo IMG_1522.jpg

She loves her some baby Henry!
  photo IMG_1554.jpg

Growing little belly! Happy 30 weeks to us!
 photo AFA7B432-B2A8-43CB-B8A4-C8FD08F1AA5B.jpg
  photo IMG_1588.jpg

Sweet girl got super sick this last weekend in Feb. We've spent the last few days on my bed cuddling and passing out all the medicine. Bless them! 
 photo IMG_1654.jpg

 He hasn't felt too well either, but it takes a lot to keep the smiles off his face! photo IMG_1665.jpg

On Josh's birthday, we were all sick:(. But, we managed to make him a cake. The kids loved getting to help me make it (and like this batter off). But their favorite may have been decorating it. It's truly a piece of art. They were SO EXCITED to surprise him with their cake when he got home.

Happy Birthday babe! We sure do LOVE YOU!!!

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