2016 Weaver Family Photos

I randomly realized today that I had NEVER blogged these photos my family had done ALMOST A YEAR AGO!!!!!!! What even?

Before my sister Lindsay moved to Australia, we had family pictures gifted to us by a sweet couple who photographed Lindsay's wedding. It was the PERFECT going away present and I'm so so thankful for their servant hearts. This crew has added 2 babies since (and Abe will be here before these photos reach a year old). I'm going to have to back date these eventually so they will fall in the right month on my blog.

I still can't believe I never got around to sharing them. So very very thankful for this tight knit family of mine. So ready for us to be back on the same continent, in my parents house, playing card games! Hurry up summer!!

June is so so fresh and tiny, Lincoln and Stone were growing in bellies, and Abe wasn't even a thought yet. haha. The kiddos look so so small to me too. Goodness, a year truly flies by. Please grand-babies, STOP GROWING!

 photo Fam123.jpg photo Fam114.jpg photo Fam007.jpg
  photo Fam164.jpg photo Fam127.jpg photo Fam167.jpg

  photo Fam109.jpg photo Fam013.jpg photo Fam161.jpg
  photo Fam097.jpg photo Fam172.jpg photo Fam001.jpg

 photo Fam192.jpg

 photo Fam176.jpg
 photo Fam138.jpg
  photo Fam188.jpg

Thankful for all of these with my sweet crew!

 photo Fam077.jpg
  photo Fam081.jpg
  photo Fam073.jpg
  photo Fam087.jpg
 photo Fam089.jpg
  photo Fam067.jpg
  photo Fam083.jpg
  photo Fam075.jpg

Huge thank you to Adam and Allison!!! Praising Jesus for my sweet family! I hope and pray one day my kids are as close to their siblings and us as we are with my family!

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