Little A's Nursery Reveal

This little boy is so close to being here. SIXXXX weeks or less and I will be cuddling his face off. I can't believe how FAST this fourth pregnancy has gone by. It's crazy town. With just a few weeks left, I'm knocking off items on my to do list like a mad woman. Raise your hand if you agree drawing a line through an item on your list feels better than actually completely it hahaha.

One of the last things I've needed to get done was Abe's nursery. Thankfully, when I designed Willow's nursery two years ago, I kept in mind that it could quickly change to a boy's nursery if needed because of our active homestudy. I wanted it to be girly and fun, but only because of the details and not the "bones" of the room. If you get my drift. With just a few simple changes, her nursery quickly became Abe's.

Here is her nursery. I can't lie, I miss having one room in the house be full on girly. So, here's to hoping a little sister joins this crew one day and we can let her share a room with W!! HA:) (but really, Lord please)

Like I said, a few minor changes, and here's Abe's new dig:
(unless stated here, you can find the sources for everything on the post linked to willow's nursery)

 photo kidsrooms2017-023.jpg

 I have dreams of drawing a big mural on that chalkboard wall, but at almost 34 weeks pregnant, I just don't have it in me right now. I'm also hoping to get a new more colorful crib sheet soon.  photo kidsrooms2017-031.jpg
 photo kidsrooms2017-027.jpg photo kidsrooms2017-025.jpg

 I also have major dreams of redoing this dresser. I'm thinking white around the edges and re-staining the drawers to look like this. But you guessed it, it's not happening at 34 weeks. Plus, I think I want to wait until we move one day because I'm not sure where this piece might end up, and part of me wants to paint it a fun pop of yellow!

I took this image at my father in laws farm last summer and quickly fell in love with it. I loved the stance of the cows and how this little baby calf just stared me down. So precious. I knew I wanted to print it, but I haven't been able to find a home for it. Until now. I love it in Abe's nursery. When I went to print it, I freaked out because SOMEHOW all my images from that day are gone. Like can't find them anywhere. Thankfully, I had blogged them here (insert crying face emoji because my kids look so little). I knew blowing up an image from the internet would make this print really pixely, so I added a watercolor effect to the print to mask the pixels. It turned out perfect. I printed it at Kinkos as a colored engineer print, so it was pretty cheap! Not the best quality, but you can't tell until you get right up on it. The frame is IKEA.   photo kidsrooms2017-028.jpg
 photo kidsrooms2017-026.jpg

yeahhhhh, add "paint the outlets" to my todo list.
 photo kidsrooms2017-033.jpg

Still love those weaves from Willow's nursery! And this lamp I redid. 
  photo kidsrooms2017-029.jpg

The shelves were just a quick rearrangement of knick knacks. I added an image of us finding out we were having a boy. The letter A was from Canaan's old nursery (his middle name is Allen). Everything else was already in this room or I had from other rooms. 
  photo 1kidsroom2017-001.jpg

 I can't WAIT to wrap him up in that tie-dyed swaddle!! photo kidsrooms2017-032.jpg

 I bought this sweet elephant for A at an adoption conference I went to earlier this month. And the plant is from Ikea!
  photo kidsrooms2017-034.jpg

It's very minimal, and I'm hoping the crib sheet will add the fun I'm looking for. I REALLY want this crib sheet to tie in the yellow and green from the weaves and cow print.
  photo kidsrooms2017-024.jpg
I do love this calm, bright space. Now, who wants to come draw my mural???:)

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