March Recap!

We filled March with lots of to-do lists in preparation for Abe. And although we had plans almost every weekend, this month seemed to drag by to this anxious mama who is READY for baby to be here:)

 Sweet babies watching morning cartoons.
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 Willow loves her Elsa. LIKE BIG. She is constantly acting like a little mama to her babies.  I just can't wait to see her with Abraham.
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 I went to an adoption conference the first weekend. Josh sent me this sweet pic of one very tired canaan.
  photo IMG_1706.jpg
 So thankful to get to work this conference for Fund the Nations and attend as an adoptive mama myself. The Lord taught me so much that weekend.
  photo IMG_1718.jpg
 Two little squirts reading.
  photo IMG_1741.jpg
 sweetest boy!
  photo IMG_1756.jpg
 We headed down to granddaddy's nursery one day to explore. They love going!
  photo IMG_1772.jpg photo IMG_1779.jpg
  photo F6FE61CC-81B5-45B3-A402-2080D50591B5.jpg
 Feeling VERY pregnant!
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Took a trip out to Ikea to get some plants and a cheap lunch. They beg to go back constantly. haha
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We took a trip to the women's hospital in the middle of the night. I was having very sharp pains that then brought on contractions. They gave us medicine to stop the contractions and little boy looked healthy. It was not a fun trip, but I'm so glad we went so that I didn't end up going into labor!
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 SO thankful that when he comes home from work, he immediately jumps into dad mode. he reads, plays, and loves them so well. We are so blessed with such an awesome daddy. These kids are his biggest fans.
  photo IMG_1900.jpg

Love my silly crew!!
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  photo IMG_2310.jpg

This girl is really pulling out the sass lately. We sure do love her, sass and all!
  photo 4C85DFF7-364D-43C6-9F7C-C2E5DE66CDFA.jpg photo 4F9B31F1-D472-4258-B9FD-70679DEC3692.jpg photo EA4D208B-B484-46BE-844B-CE409FB87825.jpg photo EF2A8201-CF06-4D3B-948D-5294200BB0C8.jpg
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Fun trip to the zoo with our friend, Ava! photo IMG_1980.jpg

always reading...
  photo IMG_1998.jpg

Thursday's are a fun morning around here. Canaan goes to Thursday school, which he loves! Willow and I get some one on one girl time running errands. We then pick up brother and spend time at the playground, picnic lunch, or meeting dad at CFA. Thankful for these fun little mornings out. 
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 We have a large pond in my neighborhood that also is across the street from my parent's home. The kids love to go walk there or throw the fishes bread!
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 Sweet snuggly girl just woke up. She is so hilarious after naps. She makes these high pitch sounds out of excitement and is super cuddly.  photo IMG_2164.jpg

 Reading to my babies. Can't believe another will be here soon!
  photo IMG_2182.jpg

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