36 Weeks KubBumpDate with #3

Pregnancy Highlights   
 How far along: 36 weeks!   
Total Weight Gain: 28-30 pounds!
Maternity Clothes: Of course
Best moment this week: Our doctor appointment went great yesterday! Little guy is measuring right on the smaller side, but still healthy. This isn't surprising because both C and W were smaller babies. Also, keeping busy with fun outings with the kids and packing the diaper bag.  
Gender:BOY! Abraham Robert  
 Movement: Constantly, can't believe there is only a few more weeks of feeling these sweet kicks.
 Food Cravings: Hamburgers and anything cold!
Food aversions: fried food, spicy food, Mexican. 
 What I Miss: not having heartburn. It's constant now:( 
 Sleep: It hasn't been to great lately. Waking up 4-7 times a night to use the bathroom. Also, pretty uncomfortable in every position.
 What I'm looking forward to: Making it to 37 weeks and Easter. We'd love for him to stay put until after Easter. Mainly because Easter is so busy for us, and I'd hate for Josh to be torn between the hospital and caring for me, and being up at the Church. BUT by all means kid,  feel free to come at 4pm or after on Easter!
 Belly Button: still in, but when I lay certain ways, it totally pokes out. ha.

Now that I'm officially 36 weeks, I'll start eating Dates. Mama to be, if you don't know about Dates and delivery, READ THESE!




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