39 week Bump Date with A

Pregnancy Highlights   

 How far along: 39 weeks! My goodnesss, GET OUT ABE. 

Total Weight Gain: 31-32 pounds

Maternity Clothes: those barely fit now

Best moment this week: can we change this to worst moment this week? Bc thinking your in labor, staying all night at the hospital, and then NOT being in labor and sent home would take the cake for that category. Best moment???? I guess getting more time as a family of four. I'm so ready for him to get out. Thinking I could have another week and half makes me wanna cry, but I want to live in the present. Lord help me be content but also, please let him come!:) 

Gender:BOY! Abraham Robert  

 Movement: so much. I'm going to miss how close he is right now. I keep reminding myself to soak it all in, he will never be this close to me again 😭

Food cravings- light meals, pasta, fruit

Food aversions: spicy food, Mexican.

 What I Miss: not having heartburn. 

 What I'm looking forward to: having this babe very very soon!!!

 Belly Button: still in, I guess? It's pretty much just flat. 

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