Thursday mornings with Willow

This year, C started going to Thursday School. So, every thursday morning, Willow and I got some one on one girl time. I treasured these few hours with her. She would get so excited for a  "girl's date". We often just ran errands or stopped by daddy's office, but to her, they were little adventures.

I had to take pictures for my brother one Thursday morning so I snapped a quick few of her while we waited.

 photo girldaywithwillow-006.jpg

  photo girldaywithwillow-003.jpg photo girldaywithwillow-005.jpg

  photo girldaywithwillow-008.jpg

 photo girldaywithwillow-004.jpg
 photo girldaywithwillow-001.jpg

  photo girldaywithwillow-007.jpg

Another Thursday morning, I took her to get her nails done. She was so so so thrilled. She sat perfectly still in my lap with her fingers all stretched out so they could dry. Y'all, it was seriously precious. She showed those nails to anyone and everyone. I'm so thankful we had these mornings together. Praise the Lord for little girls! 
  photo IMG_2351.jpg photo IMG_2346.jpg photo IMG_2334.jpg photo IMG_2330.jpg

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