Abe is 2 weeks!

Two weeks since Abe's birth. Thankfully, this week went by a little slower it felt like. Which I love because time has been going by toooooo fast lately. Little A, you are still sleeping like a champ. You wake every 3 hours almost on the dot to eat. And speaking of eating, you are rocking it! At your 2 week check up, you had gained 10 ounces in a week!!! We are so proud of you! You've had some yucky congestion, but it seems like we are finally getting rid of that.

This week you went to the zoo, a surprise party, a softball game, and church for the first time. You stayed in your carseat the entire time to keep you from germs, but it was nice to get out of the house. Your hair is starting to show some serious red tint. Your older siblings had the same red tint, and eventually, their hair turned bright blonde. I'm so curious to see what yours will do. Your eyes are still blue, which blows us away! Three kids with blue eyes! Who would have guessed!?

W and C are still crazy obsessed with you and want to hold you constantly. They love to call you buddy buddy and pumpkin.  I'm so not ready for you to grow up. Your daddy and I just stare at you at night and can't get over how adorable you are! We love you sweet boy!

 photo abeweek2-002.jpg
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