Abe is 3 Weeks!

Happy 3 Weeks Abe!!!! (well, yesterday, I'm a day late in posting!) This has been such a sweet week with you! I'm starting to tell that you are putting on some chunks. I think you are well over 8lbs now. You still fit into newborn clothes, but they are close to getting snug. You are still eating like a champ! You nurse 8 times a day, and sleep pretty great! Still waking twice in the night to eat, but you are starting to stretch it out! We were hit with the stomach bug this week. I think you may have gotten some of it, as you were a little more gassy than normal. But, overall, you've acted completely normal.

We are so in love with you little man! You fit so perfectly into this family. You are really starting to look around, hold your head up constantly, and make a million faces a minute.

  photo abeweek3-006.jpg
 photo abeweek3-004.jpg
  photo abeweek3-009.jpg

  photo abeweek3-005.jpg
 photo abeweek3-007.jpg

 photo abeweek3-008.jpg   photo abeweek3-002.jpg photo abeweek3-003.jpg


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