I haven't been able to blog about Abraham's birth yet, because I want to wait to include the images our photographer captured. I can't wait to share!!!! And newborn photos are coming ASAP!

BUT HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Born May 3rd at 1:55pm!

It's hard to believe that he was born A WEEK AGO!!!!! Ugh, I always forget how slowly that last month of pregnancy goes by but how QUICK the first few weeks of a newborn fly. NOT COOL. We are real real real infatuated with this babe. His siblings barely let him breath his own air, and daddy and I constantly want to hold him.

His first week with us has been a dream. He's eaten like a champ, slept like a champ, and been king of cuddling. I know we are only a week in, but so far, he's been the easiest babe yet.

His siblings have adjusted pretty well. They are so sweet and gentle and loving with him. They constantly want to hold him and see his belly button (they are so curious about that umbilical cord). And when they see him they say "hey buddy, buddy". It's the sweetest.

Abraham, we are so thankful you are finally here!!!!!!
  photo abeweek1-010.jpg
  photo abeweek1-005.jpg photo abeweek1-009.jpg
 photo IMG_3285.jpg photo abeweek1-004.jpg
  photo IMG_3283.jpg

  photo abeweek1-002.jpg
 photo abeweek1-008.jpg

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