Abraham's Newborn Photos

 We could not be more thankful for this little love. He has been such an easy baby thus far, and we SURE DON'T take it for granted! He's eating and sleeping like a stud! I snapped a few newborn photos last Sunday while Josh was at church with the kids. We've already been super blessed with photos from his birth and our family lifestyle stession. I can't wait to blog those! So, I didn't take that many. He slept so hard through the whole thing, it only took me about 15 minutes to capture them all.

He's already changing so much. I can't handle the thought of him growing up and getting bigger. We are soaking up every single tiny snuggle, sound, and squirm. Thank you Lord for this precious boy. We are so in love!

 photo abenewborn-010bis.jpg
  photo abenewborn-019dbw.jpg  photo abenewborn-009dbw.jpg
 photo abenewborn-016.jpg  photo abenewborn-018.jpg
 photo abenewborn-004.jpg
  photo abenewborn-021bis.jpg  photo abenewborn-013.jpg
  photo abenewborn-024dbw.jpg photo abenewborn-006.jpg photo abenewborn-012bis.jpg photo abenewborn-003dbw.jpg
  photo abenewborn-015.jpg photo abenewborn-008.jpg
 photo abenewborn-011bis.jpg  photo abenewborn-001bw.jpg photo abenewborn-007.jpg
  photo abenewborn-022bis.jpg
  photo abenewborn-002.jpg photo abenewborn-017dbw.jpg
 photo abenewborn-020.jpg
 photo abenewborn-014dbw.jpg

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