Family Lifestyle Session : A Day in the Life

Just a little heads up, this post has 62 images. Yeah, I know, that's absurd. It was at a cool 210, but I spent like an hour trying to narrow it down. So, 62 is were we landed. You're welcome:)

A week after Abe was born, my sweet friend Nicole of 314 Productions came over and shot a lifestyle session for us. Obviously, I love to have our life documented. I really wanted the first few days of Abe being home and how his siblings LOVE him captured. Nicole is specializing in lifestyle sessions at the moment. Bedtime routines, dinner routines, your day to day lives, no matter what your life looks like at the moment, you should have it captured! Time is TOO fleeting. I want my kids to have memories of all stages of life, even the mundane moments spent at home.

Nicole was like a fly on the wall. She shadowed my kids playing with their favorite toys, playing their favorite games (villian with daddy, freezing like elsa, and jumping off the coffee table) wearing their costumes (that they wear EVERY SINGLE DAY, willow actually has hers on as I type this), loving on Abraham, and wanting to be near us 24/7. Every image is just SO them.

I'm planning to have these images put into a coffee table book and captioning some of them so I can remember the little details like how willow constantly wants to take care of Abe or how Canaan sits in his spiderman pose way too often:)

Nicole, we love you! You know we can't say thank you enough for these images! If you are reading these, BOOK HER! Have her come and shadow your kids. You won't regret having these images today or in 20 years to look back on. Don't rely on just the iphone photos. Let her capture the moments that often go undocumented like bath time, or walks around the block, or popsicles in the backyard, or tucking them in at night... or my favorite, waking them up in the morning!

I'll let our images tell our story of our normal morning:)
  photo 4kubler.jpg photo 8kubler.jpg photo 12kubler.jpg photo 14kubler.jpg photo 15kubler.jpg photo 23kubler.jpg photo 25kubler.jpg photo 27kubler.jpg photo 30kubler.jpg photo 33kubler.jpg photo 35kubler.jpg photo 38kubler.jpg photo 43kubler.jpg photo 45kubler.jpg photo 56kubler.jpg photo 60kubler.jpg photo 62kubler.jpg photo 63kubler.jpg photo 66kubler.jpg photo 68kubler.jpg photo 70kubler.jpg photo 72kubler.jpg photo 76kubler.jpg photo 77kubler.jpg photo 79kubler.jpg photo 82kubler.jpg photo 84kubler.jpg photo 88kubler.jpg photo 93kubler.jpg photo 100kubler.jpg photo 104kubler.jpg photo 106kubler.jpg photo 108kubler.jpg photo 111kubler.jpg photo 112kubler.jpg photo 124kubler.jpg photo 126kubler.jpg photo 129kubler.jpg photo 131kubler.jpg photo 133kubler.jpg photo 137kubler.jpg photo 140kubler.jpg

 At the very end of the session, we did a very laid back "posed" session. I put that in quotes because it was as little posed as possible. We just climbed on the bed and cuddled up real tight and let the kids be them silly selves. This is what our mornings actually look like. As soon as the kids get up, they climb in our bed and ask to cuddle Abraham. We usually spend a good 30 minutes just playing and cuddling in our bed. I wanted photos that resembled these sweet memories for us. Doing these photos at the end allowed the kiddos to be super laid back with Nicole and the giggles came naturally.
 photo 144kubler.jpg photo 146kubler.jpg photo 149kubler.jpg photo 151kubler.jpg photo 153kubler.jpg photo 155kubler.jpg photo 160kubler.jpg photo 164kubler.jpg photo 171kubler.jpg photo 176kubler.jpg photo 177kubler.jpg photo 181kubler.jpg photo 182kubler.jpg photo 183kubler.jpg photo 185kubler.jpg photo 189kubler.jpg photo 197kubler.jpg photo 198kubler.jpg photo 205kubler.jpg photo 208kubler.jpg

 Goodness, these days are just the sweetest. Thank you Lord for blessing us with these three precious kiddos. We don't deserve them in the slightest. Children are SUCH a blessing from the Lord. These days at home with them are such a blessing from the Lord. His grace is abundant in the mundane days, and we are so thankful!

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