May Recap!

well, this was a life changing month. Little Abe joined us. It really was such a sweet month of transitioning. Looking back, I can't believe how smooth it went. The Lord was so good to answer that prayer. He is such a dream baby. The kids took to him immediately. C was a hard some days with big feelings and lots of energy, but really, I can't complain. Just look at this big brother, we are so thankful for him.

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ABE IS HERE!!! I posted all about his birth in another post. 

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 loving on my boy in the hospital!
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 Newborn stage, stay forever. We love these tiny cuddles!

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 photo A61AAF0D-1554-4B0D-8FCA-BB5271354DD1.jpg

 Proud Papa!
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Time to take him home and start life as 5!
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She can't keep her hands off of him. She loves him BIG
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  photo IMG_3105.jpg photo IMG_3106.jpg

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First doctor appointment went so well! He's growing right on track and perfectly healthy! praise the Lord!
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 Love these silly littles!
  photo 0A480413-4136-449C-B154-910DA7F3B6AF.jpg photo 1F1D5840-FBC3-4D28-A3CE-869C0633B32B.jpg
  photo 7AF30C70-5CAA-4E97-9766-860AE3B84E5B.jpg photo 33F128DC-2A8B-49EE-82B5-AB44A7CC0FDE.jpg
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 So cozy, tiny, and adorable!!!
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 Meeting Nanny!
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Our first outing as a whole family to library for story time!
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 Josh took C to a baseball game while me and the youngest two stayed home for a movie night. Canaan loved it... well, maybe all the sprite he snuck there more!

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Being a big sister is exhausting!
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First Sunday morning!
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 This sweet friend moved across the country this month. We miss her and her husband something MAJOR! They are some of our very dearest friends. Guess we will just have to plan a cross country trip to MT!
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 Mother's day questionnaire's by each kid. They are too funny!
 photo IMG_3447.jpg photo IMG_3448.jpg

Snuggly nights before bedtime! photo IMG_3454.jpg
  photo IMG_3499.jpg

zoo trip with friends! photo IMG_3465.jpg
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  photo IMG_3528.jpg

Princess cousins!
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  photo IMG_3575.jpg

Saying our good-byes to Anna!
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 So fresh and so clean!
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being 2 is hard!
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We spent alot of this month at home, so the kiddos played outside in the water most days to get the wiggles out!
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  photo 64F6A281-6D3E-42A1-866B-AADCAFCFB175.jpg photo 362A5A88-5374-49FA-97D3-7B4744A0B2CB.jpg
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Oh, how i hope they have a strong bond!
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