Abe is ONE months!!!

One month old today. We can't believe it's been a whole month!!! You celebrated this week by extending your sleeping stretches to 4-5 hours at night! Whoop Whoop!! I'm not sure how much you weigh, but I would guess well over 8lbs. You barellllyyyyy fit into newborn size clothing. Newborn diapers are also pretty snug on you, so we moved you up to size 1.

You've just started to really look at us and we've caught a couple of smiles. They melt me every time! Of course your sibling are still crazy in love with you. Willow asks to hold you atleast 10 times every few hours.

You've lost a good bit of your hair, but it still has a redish tint. Your eyes have gotten way more blue. We are just shocked to have three kiddos with blue eyes!

You hate your carseat if we aren't in the car. You LOVE the dockatot and being swaddled at night. And if I don't feed you on time, you get all kinds of angry.

We sure do love you, Abraham. You've brought so much into our lives, and we just can't get enough of your cuddles!

 photo abemonth1-010.jpg photo abemonth1-009.jpg photo abemonth1-008.jpg photo abemonth1-007.jpg photo abemonth1-006.jpg photo abemonth1-005.jpg photo abemonth1-004.jpg photo abemonth1-003.jpg photo abemonth1-002.jpg photo abemonth1-001.jpg

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