Abraham's Birth Story

You've been warned, the post is LONG.

So EXCITED I can finally blog Abraham's birth. I've been anxiously waiting to get our images back from our AMAZING birth photographer, Kyle Kelley. She did a PHENOMENAL job. Seriously, I can't even describe in words what it means to have these photos. I couldn't recommend her enough!

Abe's birth was by far the hardest for me, only because I spent dayssssss in false labor. The week before he was born was one of the hardest weeks of my life emotionally, mentally, and physically. I spent three hard nights in intense labor, only to discover it was false labor. We even went to the hospital two of those nights convinced it was go time..... but it wasn't. Thankfully, my mom and sister kept our kiddos after those nights so I could rest and revamp.

On May 2nd, I labored all early morning long. I called in and asked to be seen by any doctor that was available. I was begging the Lord to let me be dilated. But alas, NOTHING. That morning I wasn't even a centimeter dilated and he wasn't even low. I cried in the car the entire way home. I was just so done. My body was exhausted and everything hurt. I asked the Lord to let my body just rest and to hold off any contractions for a few days. That night, I did two stretches recommended by my doctor that could help the baby drop. I went to bed asking the Lord to let me have him before I was to be induced (his induction was still a week and a half away and being pregnant another week and half seemed like pure torture), but to let me just have a restful night of no contractions.

That night I woke up a few times feeling "off". I had a pain in my back I had never felt before but I figured it was how he was laying. I went to the bathroom a couple of times but drifted back off to sleep. Then at 3:54am I sharply woke up to INTENSE pain. I had never felt a contraction like that before, so I wasn't sure that's what it was. It was all in my back and tail bone and it was excruciating. I started timing them and within an hour they jumped from 7 minutes apart to 4 minutes apart.

I woke up Josh just sobbing because I was so nervous this was false labor again. I took a hot bath at 5:50am and the contractions continued to worsen. At 6:30 I called the nurse and explained my pain. She said I was having back labor instead of normal abdomen labor and to go to the hospital immediately.

We called my mom so she could come stay with the kids and we left for the hospital at 7am. The entire ride up there the contractions continued to worsen. However, every 3rd contraction or so, they wouldn't be as harsh and I just praised the Lord for the relief but was also terrified it meant it wasn't real labor.

We arrived at the hospital around 7:30 and got checked in. It took 40 minutes before they could get me a room and that felt like eternity. I tried so hard the entire time not to scream in the waiting room.

at 8:15 I finally got into the room and the nurse came to check for dilation. I was dilated 3cm!!!!!! I just immediately started to cry and praise the Lord for progress. I texted our birth photographer that it was finally go time.

That next hour was hell. Contractions were RAGING and I was begging for my epidural. They were so painful I couldn't breathe or even think while they were happening. It was as if my mind went somewhere else. The pain was so gnarly in my back and all I wanted was for it to end forever. Rumor has it that back labor contractions are more painful than abdominal contractions, and for me, it was true. His contractions were way stronger and painful than W or C.

Finally at 9:30 I got my epidural, which praise the Lord took the first time (with my other two labors I had to get it redone both times). And then, I was in heaven. Seriously, epidurals are life.

Our photographer arrived right after that sweet nectar was given.
  photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-46.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-44.jpg

 I was much more pleasant of a person to be around. Had she taken pictures before the epidural, you would have seen my face contort in ways I didn't even know possible.

A nurse came and checked for dilation again at 11am and I was 5.5cm. 

 photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-3.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-4.jpg

 We facetimed the big kids and told them little brother was on his way. They didn't quite understand, but it was so sweet to still get to share that time with them.
 photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-14.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-20.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-25.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-27.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-32.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-35.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-37.jpg

 I really started to feel the urge to push and pressure was getting very noticeable, so we called the nurse back into the room at 12:55pm. I was then 8cm dilated. The nurse said she would be back in an hour to check me, but I knew I was going to have that baby before the hour was up.
  photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-59.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-67.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-68.jpg
  photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-71.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-81.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-86.jpg

 Pressure was really building and everything in my body was telling me to push. Thankfully, at 1:30 the doctor on call just happened to come in the room to introduce herself. I told her I needed to push. She quickly checked the baby and dilation. Sure enough, I was 9cm. dilated. She said she would be back in an hour but I knew this baby was coming any minute.

Also, how crazy does my stomach look in this photo. She was checking the baby's position.
  photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-91.jpg

She left the room and the emotions hit full force. I was just so worried for his health. Josh was so sweet and reassuring, but I couldn't hold it together. 
  photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-94.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-96.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-101.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-103.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-107.jpg

 I called the nurse back in at 1:40, just 10 minutes later, because I knew my body was ready. She checked me at 1:45pm and I was a full 10cm dilated and she could see his head. The doctor came quickly and at 1:50pm she told me to start pushing while she got prepped. With the first set of pushes, his head came out. She wasn't even finished getting dressed. She told me to push again, slipped on her last glove, and pulled him out.

  photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-111.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-115.jpg

At 1:55pm. Abraham Robert Kubler was born! 
 photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-128.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-130.jpg

I requested immediate skin to skin. So thankful they allowed me to have it!  I'll never forget these first few moments. I probably asked my nurse and doctor 40 times if he was truly okay. I just couldn't wrap my mind around him being here and him being healthy. I think they got a little annoyed with how many times I asked, but I just couldn't get over the fact that the Lord, in his grace, allowed us to have a third healthy baby. I was truly stunned. I just held him and cried and praised the Lord.
  photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-131.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-134.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-135.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-140.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-141.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-146.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-147.jpg
  photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-168.jpg

 Little man weighed 7lbs 9 oz and 21 inches long. My biggest baby yet.
 photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-162.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-166.jpg
 The nurses were so quick about cleaning him off and weighing him. They gave him back to me and I still couldn't stop asking if he was okay. The tears just kept coming. He was finally here.  The delivery crew cleared out pretty quickly and we had the room to ourselves to about an hour before they moved us. I'll never forget these snuggles and seeing Josh hold him for the first time. He has loved me so well through this entire pregnancy, and he was my biggest cheerleader and encourager  (yep, thats a word, ha) through labor. I couldn't imagine a better father for my children.

 photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-171.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-175.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-181.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-191.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-198.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-202.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-212.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-218.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-220.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-223.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-225.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-231.jpg photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory-232.jpg
 i'll never get over May 3rd. A truly miraculous day. A day that will forever be etched into my memory. I can still remember Canaan and Willow's labor so perfectly.

We decided in that moment that while Abraham did favor his brother and sister in some ways, he had his own unique look.

This photo below is just my absolute favorite from the day. It's just such a beautiful shot of our sweet boy in the first few moments of life outside the womb. His tiny little body just gives me all the emotions. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus for this gift we don't deserve. For trusting us with his life. For letting us parent him. He is a blessing that we will never deserve or get over. 
  photo KyleKelleyPhotography_KublerBirthStory.jpg

I can't wait for you to see the images of W and C meeting him for the first time!!! Hoping to post those ASAP!

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Angela said...

Congratulations on the birth of Abraham. He's adorable. Your birth photographer did a great job. I'm sure you'll always treasure the photos!